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GutsGo Online Marketing Program

Naveen Kumar

The course was really good.

Before Joining the course I was thinking that only PPC and Banner Advertising was only the tactics used in Digital Marketing as my career background was from Media Agency

The pedagogy and course methodology was quite useful, the contents learned in class was useful as it was very helpful and handy in doing the assignments, the classes were explained with the live case studies

I am confident today that I can sell Digital plans directly to my client. I would like to recommend to my team members, i would like to tell how it helps in recommending the Digital Media to client along with offline Media

Nirmal khatua

I was looking to study Digital Marketing when I found this particular course.

At the end of the day I can firmly say this was excellent. every module of e-marketing tactics throws deep insights, and Ratan you were champion in teaching

I would recommend anyone looking to upskill in Digital Marketing must attend this course. The learning from the classes alone would justify the fee for anyone who intends to have success in this space.

Thanks a lot Ratan.

GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Karan Rana

About 10 Saturdays, 3 hour Online class each week, and a full-fledged insight into the Digital Marketing field !!

Be SEO, SMM, Display, Email, Social Media or Analytics, this course was a dive into all these aspects, and proved to be a one-stop shop for all the tools to be used

Most importantly, Professor RatanKK's opinions and guidance as to how to go about it in the real world and the connections we built proved to be beneficial.

Roshan Singh

Your teaching helped me to get my Dream Job.
Got Placed in Accenture to work for Google !!
Thanks Prof.

Digital Marketing classes helped me a long way to clear 5-6 rounds of Interviews

Prof RatanKK...you are legend!!!

Sumita Sharma

At the time of Joining the course I knew little about Digital Marketing (say about 15%)

Now I can say that I enhanced my knowledge which will surely help me to increase my Career graph

This is all because of Mr RatanKK's teachings.

The course material and the references given are very informative and useful

I also want to thank my batch mates for sharing useful information and links time to time which helped me in gaining deep knowledge of the subject.

GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Sheetal Joshi Bhatkhande

It was definitely a boon to be a part of GutsGo, I must say that was a 'Skyrocketing" and brilliant experience because of the nature and faculty of the course.
I am working in eCommerce industry since 4 years now and was expecting such kind of drastic and quick change in my knowledge up-gradation.
Thanks to RatanKK sir and batch members too whose participation was needless to say vital for the entire course.
I am really happy that I have learned in-depth other side of my upcoming interest and assure you that even I wasnt that good in my assignments still I have build a 100% confidence that I will make out better in future in my career in Digital Marketing.
The reason is overall indulgence in assignments and class interactive participation with exceptional teacher like you, everything truly beneficial that taught me to think practically for different case studies that I learned and adapted!!!
Also I liked the way assignments are evaluated and where best one are shared too! well, I am missing all those wonderful sessions.

Shatomita Sudippto Ghosh

The experience was just amazing, As I want to Kickstart and pursue my career on Digital Marketing I took this course

This program is exhaustive and covers all aspects of Digital tactics in use, like search, social media, ppc, display, email and mobile marketing and analytics

If one is looking to start career in Digital Marketing, this program would be ideal. Our trainer, coach and mentor, RatanKK, who taught us the right attitude one needs to have to succeed

The personal touch what he brings to this program are truly the value-adds. Blessed to be part of this course.

Would you like to know more about Digital Marketing.....?

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GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Dr. Amit Nagpal, PHD

This course really boosted my knowledge in the allied areas of Social Media Marketing Viz PPC, SEO, Web Analytics and so on.
The material and pedagogy were both excellent and I am sure GutsGo will go places under Ratan's Leadership.

Sumit Gupta

This eMarketing course is fantastic course which covers all the eMarketing tactics like SEO, PPC, Email and Social Media

Now-a-days, every online activity, be it search, sending emails, engaging on social media like facebook, Twitter revolves around these eMarketing tactics

So, the better understanding we have about these tactics, more efficient will be our execution online

Thats excatly, what GutsGo's course does for Us- MAKE US BETTER eMarketer.

Ratan sir is a motivating teacher and cruised us nicely in this roller coaster!

Purshottam Lakhani

Digital Marketing Program by GutsGo is a real roller coaster ride with lots of experiences to share...

Program is commendable bcoz of its technology, course content and design, tools and techniques thaught to use in eMarketing, assignments and Mr RatanKK

This Bandana Guy is a GEM who not only shares his knowledge on eMarketing but also brings smiles in classrooms.

Program helps you understand concepts of various eMarketing tactics and hands on experience on the same.

I recommend to all of you who are looking to learn eMarketing.

Abhishek Verma

I think Prof. RatanKK has done a great service to the Digital Marketing business by creating this course.

As a Marketer, for the past 10 years, I have had multiple agencies executing Digital marketing campaigns and not one of them showed any consistent logic in strategy.

I joined the course to understand 'What is real Digital Marketing" and it has helped me become a better marketer.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a remote interest in the subject.

GutsGo Alumni Speak

Anjum Kaur

I was a part of GOMP24 batch. For a budding Entrepreneur or the ones who are running family business, its a perfect course to start with.
All the topics are covered in a detailed manner, the study material is designed well.
I personally felt GutsGo is a one stop solution for all marketing queries.
Prof. Ratan, is really a source of inspiration to work more hard. Last but not least, ratan Sir, takes all his students to Kenya safari for Free.

Arnab Sarkar

Thank You Prof RatanKK...

for taking me through the roller coaster ride and safari of Digital Marketing

This course was a perfect blend when it comes to introduction of concepts of Digital Marketing

You have managed to take us through the deep rabbit hole of customer engagement in all modules

I had been in field of Marketing, Branding and communication for the last 12 years and this course was surely an eye reckoner the way traditional marketing is being replaced by Digital Marketing

To have an edge over the competition and with also to reach out and engage the stakeholders Digital Marketing has become a key tool

But again, Digital Marketing is all about doing and I will try to follow that and take my leaning curve to the next level so that it can be utilized in a different way adding value to the organization.

Thanks once again for the sessions and support.

I will like to be in touch in future.

George Paul
Senior Manager (Sales) - Consumer Products & Retail sector at Capgemini Consulting

The eMarketing course by GutsGo is perhaps one of the best courses offered at IIM-Ahmedabad.

The course is perhaps more relevant into today's context when eCommerce and Digital Marketing is going through an explosive growth phase.

Prof Ratan KK is perhaps one of the best eMarketers in India today his class is fantastic.

In spite of having extensive digital marketing work experience for multi billion dollar companies, there were a lot many new things that I learnt from Prof Ratan in this course.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to pursue a passion for digital marketing and eCommerce.

Rohit Jain
General Manager at Accenture

I attended this course as an elective during my 5th semester at PGPX, IIMA.

The course and especially the faculty helped me gain great insights into various Online Marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Paid Search etc.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone passionate about e-marketing field.

Sharad Goel
Engagement Manager, Digital at McKinsey & Company

eMarketing is an absolute must for every MBA student with focus on Marketing.
Considering that there is not much consolidates knowledge available in this domain, this course is a blessing.
Prof RatanKK is a subject matter expert in eMarketing and explains the concept in a simple language.
After attending the course I feel a lot more confident not only in eMarketing but Marketing in general.

GutsGo Alumni Speak

Aditya Bajaj

I am a working professional and a web development Entrepreneur who thought that I knew it all, until I went for this course just to see if I can learn something new.
After completing the 40 day session, I feel so much more confident in our progress that we are 100% sure we can deliver, leaving no room for guess work.
Ratan is a great Mentor.
This course exceeded all expectations.
It was to a point and very well structured.
I must say, It was not an easy Journey, but it was a Journey I am glad I made.

Aman Lohiya

Being into a transition phase of career from a Developer for almost 3 years and moving into Marketing in Digital space I had no idea where to start, had so many dounts etc.

This course was the best thing that could have happened to me.Its like a guiding light for me.

Ratan not only cleared my doubts but gave me a confidence that, Yes I can step into Digital Marketing space without fear

Course structure and its delivery was superb

Hats Off to Ratan for such a wonderful Journey.

Bency Unny

I came to GutsGo with a zero understanding of Digital Marketing as I have been a hardcore Sales Professional all throughout my career

The interest to move into other side of SALES led me this course as Digital Marketing will be the future. And I must say that I started my Journey right with this course.

It gave me the strong fundamentals on digital Marketing, the course content was Rich and delivered through an effective medium

Thanks Mr Ratan for making the entire program so engaging.

Roshan Rawat

After spending almost a decade in developing Digital Content, I was very eager too know the Marketing fundamentals of it which was some how successfully covered in thi course

It has actually Up-Skilled my knowledge for developing strategy in Digital Marketing which I have already started implementing.

The tutor hats of to your teaching

Yes, I would surely recommend this course, Thanks.

Sangeeta Garg

Having completed my curriculum on Digital Marketing with Prof RatanKK as my guide and mentor, it gives me impetus to work on a larger scale.

Now I m getting market ready for applying all my learning on Digital Marketing tactics from GutsGo

I have suggested my colleagues and friends to go for this course which is well structured and up to date with the latest trends in the digital marketing industry.

Sonu Hemani

What should I say its truly been a Roller Coaster Ride...

Hate to think that his come to an end...wish the ride with RatanKK sir could continue forever...

The course is designed appropriately keeping in mind the latest trends and upcoming necessity for any marketeer.

The best I loved about the course was Teachers enthusiasm its so infectious that one just tend to go along with the flow....

The pedagogy was super...

GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Ripple Williams
Social Listening & Growth Analyst

This course is a wonderful program and I would strongly recommend it for all those who are pursuing a career in Digital Marketing.
It helps you to understand and provides a consolidated view of eMarketing landscape in an extremely engaging manner.
Having said that the USP of the curse (read: the key reason why you should attend) is none other than the faculty himself.
Ratan Sir is brilliant ! Sirs enthusiasm , knowledge coupled with a thriving eMarketing practitioners perspective is what makes this program such a success.
Sir is definitely a thought leader, but more than that a transformational leader transforming the Digital landscape one batch after another !!

Anshu Verma

When you have Mentor like Mr Ratan you dont need anything as he will push you to explore your potential beyond limit .

It was great learning experience for me and the way he taught was great as I never felt that I was learning through Webinar, I felt that I am setting in a classroom

The course content and study material provided by GutsGo is of international standard...

I would recommend GutsGo to everyone who wish to pursue Digital Marketing and want to learn right from basics

Balasubramanian V

What Prof RatanKK offers though GOMP is not just eMarketing, but a mini MBA in fact

Anyone practicing Digital Marketing should take this course. GOMP delivers practical insights, not bookish information.

I have derived immense benefits out of this program and I would strongly recommend the course for others without any reservation

Deepak Tulsian

Just completed the 10 weeks GutsGo Online Marketing Program

A fantastic remote learning course that balances well for a working professional.

Got very good insights on all facets on eMarketing

The interactive nature of weekly sessions, regular assignments, rich study material and of course the small group coaching makes it a very comprehensive learning

Above all its an opportunity to network with Prof Ratan and the growing community of Digital Marketing professionals.

Highly Recommended !!

Bibhabaree Biswal

I joined this course to explore How this Digital Marketing platform is gulping down the Giant-old Traditional Marketing slowly and steadily.

10 calsses by Prof.Ratan....and I know - WHO, WHY, WHERE, WHEN and HOW!

Must say...a life time experience to strengthen your roots, before you start building the multistoried career structure...MUST JOIN

Biswarup Das

180 minutes required every day for 75 Days.

The number of minutes will definitely increase if you are as intelligent as me..

It also depends on whether you are a technology native or an immigrant in the land of technology

Yes, that is the background of GOMP grind!

Benefits on completion : If Digital Marketing is an iceberg, then you not only touch the tip but also get a snapshot of entire ice-berg

If you want to become an e-Marketer, then GOMP is the best beginning!

But, remember, 3 hrs/day

Harshawardan Madiraju

GutsGo's GOMP is truly the best Digital Marketing courses available in India

If you are thinking on how to do a course in your busy working schedules, consider this one, which helps you to Join the classes virtually from any where.

A small Caution.....

This course is very intense, and it needs total commitment of time starting from Day 1

Its structure with assignments + online participation + buddy groups really makes it interactive and interesting

Khushbu Rane

An idea popped into my head, didnt know what to do with it, how to go about it, was it worthwhile, or if I was on right track

Ratan Sir came storming into my life with GOMP and after 6 weeks, the MIST started to clear and my confidence rose a 200%

I recommend GOMP as it helps structure your thoughts on eMarketing and ratans interactive and versatile teaching style is the icing on the cake.

BEWARE : This course isnt for the faint hearted : the sheer pace keeps you on your toes, nails, heads etc

Samsudeen Hussain

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a part of GOMP

To learn Digital Marketing from a person like RatanKK just enhances the value of your learning

Its rare to come across a person who is so genuine and also passionate about what he does

For me just getting to know Ratan was itself worth the value of the admission

If you are interested in learning about Digital Marketing, there is no better course than GOMP and no better person to teach you than Ratan himself

Shraddha Joshi

1. This is an excellent course where we get full fledged insight into all aspects of Digital Marketing including How to apply the concepts to achieve Business Objectives

2.  I can confidently say that today I am richer in terms of Knowledge and friends (my buddies from the batch)

3. Most important, I have got a lifelong Mentor in Prof RatanKK who is there for me whenever I ask for help be it through email or his #GutsGo weekly calls

4. My most important learning is 'Digital Marketing is all about doing. i recommend this course to everyone

Abhijit Shukla

I undertook GOMP24 Certification course in March2014 and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

It was a welcome refresher course that got me in sync with the Digital realm

Being a Marketing professional, I had a limited understanding of the online prism.

This program enabled me to understand the nuances of the social media spectrum that are quintessential in todays application

I feel, there is a tsunami tide upon us Marketers that will overshadow the Traditional Marketing with the Digital Marketing, in the not-so-distant Future.

The pedagogy, course material and the teaching is great and I would recommend it to any beginner seeking out to understand this dynamic Digital Marketing universe

Deepika Sharma

An Inspirer. An Empower. An Engager.

These three characteristics are just a short sample of many you demonstrate with all of your students, including me, every single day

You make me feel authentically supported when you say, "Please let me know how can I be helpful" and genuinely mean it

Also, the excitement you express to co-learn with me rather than teach me, makes me feel like a partner in my learning experience, when it is so easy to feel like a "Sponge that can only absorb"

I know you have so much to share, but I love how you also openly articulate how much I have to share as well ans how much you learn by engaging with me!

You see me not as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths

You promote an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated.

Thank you for being Genuine

Thank you for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.

Thank you so much to be with me

Siddharth Tilwankar

I Joined GutsGo to atleast get to a starting point on Digital Marketing and found myself going well beyond the Landing page -:)

The program was Adept, Intense and insightful!

Adept in the sense that it not only passed on the knowledge but also pointed out the tools and techniques which can be used to hone the skills required for eMarketing

Intense - as quite a lot was required to be grasped in few sessions and immediately applied to understand the same

And he assignments ......

I think that the questions asked can be asked to yourself while attempting any eMarketing campaign or for that matter even a marketing campaign

Insightful - the best part was tat I got a chance to get the insights on eMarketing which were the learnings (some of it the hard way I am sure) from Mr Ratan KK

This is the biggest take away from this program because that will provide a definite way forward for me, in honing my skills in a correct way

Would definately recommend this program to anyone who wants to be an eMarketer -:)

Dr. Nelson Monterio

Advertising Media Management Professional - To me this course has been a great intense foundation program on the Digital fundamentals with a practical live situation exercises exposure

The exposure to the program has broadened my knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing/Web world and made me realize the huge potential it holds for anybody perusing this field for career advancement

As a media (Planning/Buying) Professional, though implemented Digital and Mobile campaigns - the intense digital exposure makes me a complete integrated 360 degree media specialist

Thanks to RatanKK for he has lit a candle in the tunnel, taken us to the ocean, shown us the tip of the ice berg and explained what lies under

It is now for us to explore further, commit digital time hours, research, implement learnings, excel and conquer

Ashish Kumar

This course is an experience worth a million rupees though you only spend a small amount to gather e-marketing insights, tactics and implementation best practices and that too straight from the e-Marketing expert and stalwart - Mr Ratan

Why Million rupees?

Ofcourse it enables you to make or help company make that kind of money by becoming an e-Marketing consultant or an expert by the time you wrap the course, including real life assignments.

My Journey has started and I am at it -:)


Monica Edara

This course gave an elaborate exposure to Digital Marketing

The course is comprehensive enabler that fructifies strategies through e-marketing initiatives

Course material and case studies gave deep insights and reflects the real on ground market needs.

Evaluation and feedback on assignments were very appropriate

Thanks to RatanKK, GutsGo for imparting me part of his distilled wisdom and knowledge on Digital Marketing

PPS: If you have a query to ask us, please use the form below.

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