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Hello Captain!
Prof RatanKK here.

Welcome to my Universe!
Welcome to GutsGo eMarketing.

Few moons back, I sat down to list Purpose of GutsGo.
I finally eked out FOUR goals as my purpose.
They are the core drivers for GutsGo's Digital Marketing quest.
They are the core drivers for all of GutsGo's Associates too.

Those four goals are:

  1. Every year, train min. 400 people in Digital Marketing Course.
  2. Every year, help min. 200 people get a better digital marketing job.
  3. Every year, conduct digital marketing workshops for min. 10 corporate.
  4. Every year, consult with min. of 5 businesses to implement effective online marketing campaigns, ensuring that their revenue goes up by 20% and profit goes up by 10%.

Some goals as objective, isn't it?

I am not sure if I will accomplish them, but I am sure of one thing.

I will do the best of what little I can do and to strive to do 'my today' better than 'my yesterday'.

If you think my purpose can help you in your online marketing quest (or otherwise too), I would like to hear from you.
Connecting & working with people like you is the FUEL for my quest.

Launch your online marketing quest with GOMP!
GOMP helps you launch your eMarketing Career!
More than 4000+ marketing professionals have taken GOMP.

Eager to help you manifest your online marketing career, Captain!

I believe my success is more meaningful if it helps manifest YOUR Success.
That is the core approach of what I do at GutsGo.
With the FOUR identified goals, and my approach to help your success, I am all  geared up to help each other become a success.
That's will become our quest, isn't it?

When you are ready, I am ready.
Let me know how can I help you by filling the contact form below.
Initiate an active conversation with us, Captain! 

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Remember, it is my belief is that my success is incomplete with out your success.
I am personally geared up to help you become a success.
That's my quest!
Let's Together Find Divine Count, Captain!

Thanks for your time & attention!
Eager to hear from you.

RatanKK | GutsGo eMarketing - Let's Do It Better! 

Have you decided to work on your Online Marketing Quest?
We both can work on that quest, together!

I will help you at SIX sequential LEVELS in that quest.
These SIX sequential levels are:

  1. Level 01- Understand Online Marketing Tactics, Tools, Best Practices et al.
  2. Level 02 - Generate Marketing IDEAS to implement online for Business ROI.
  3. Level 03 - Create Online Marketing Action Plan (OMAP) to be implemented. 
  4. Level 04 - IMPLEMENT the OMAP (Initiate, Iterate & Integrate)
  5. Level 05 - Track, Analyze & Optimize (TAO) the OMAP for Business ROI.
  6. Level 06 - Get the OMAP into an Auto Pilot mode, to deliver Business ROI.

Some of GutsGo's Services that would help your online marketing quest are:

  • Our GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP) helps you work from Level 01 to Level 03.
  • Our 2-day / 3-day workshops empower you to operate up to 03. This can be for a group of professionals from a company or otherwise.
  • Our 'Build My Online Business (BMOB) program, helps you work all the six levels. In fact, in this 6 month programs, you will be actively working on building an online business of your own.
  • Our Consulting services helps you to develop the entire digital marketing strategy for your business and implement up to all the SIX levels. If you are a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) with an annual revenue of Rs. 20 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Crores, we are keen to work with you to increase your revenue and net profit, through effective online marketing.
  • GutsGo's eTalent Staffing Services (GeT Staff), where GutsGo's trained associates are deployed in your internal teams. These GutsGo associates will be your resources working from your offices and help get your business through the SIX levels and in turn, accomplish your online marketing objectives.

If you are a business or a corporate or an SME,

  • you should start with digital marketing workshops for your team and/or 
  • use GutsGo's consultancy services to gain the expert guidance in your online marketing strategy and implementations.
  • use GutsGo's eTalent Staffing Services to supplement and complement your organizations online marketing capabilities.

If you are an individual and looking to get employed in the digital marketing, I would recommend you to start with GOMP, and work on the online marketing quest to become a digital marketing expert, just like many of GutsGo Alumni.

If you are an individual and want to build your own online business, I would recommend you to take up Build My Online Business (BYOB) program.

I am sure, you would have questions and would need clarifications.
If you have a question to ask me, please go ahead and connect with me.

I am all ears to hear from you, Captain!


I write an email, at least once in a week. This could be something to do with Digital marketing, or being an entrepreneur or an insight to marketing. If you think it is worth your time to stay in touch with me, I would like you to subscribe to GutsGo's mailing list.

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