SEM Knowledge - WSJ Landing Page & Lead Generation By Claude Hopkins

Landing Page Conceptiualized for Lead Generation by Claude  C Hopkins

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In this Article, we are going to talk about Landing Page and Lead Generation very briefly. And more specifically about "the Science" in the art of advertising.

When we think about Lead Generation, in context to PPC Marketing, we have to think about Landing Pages. There is a great deal of Science in Search Engine Marketing.

However, we wanted to talk about Claude Hopkins, who has pioneered the scientific approach to art of advertising. The landing page that you saw for Wall Street Journal to boost their subscriptions (see the picture of it above) is an example of such approach. Landing page concept in the early 1900s itself? Before Google, before AdWords, before quality Score. Claude Hopkins concepts still are contemporary .

Claude C Hopkins is one of the pioneers to have used new techniques and approaches to advertising. He has changed fortunes for the brands that he has worked for.

Test Marketing. Coupon Sampling. Copy Research. All are standard practices in today's world of advertising. All were invented by Claude C Hopkins. Even the Landing pages!

Claude's work has been eons ahead of his contemporaries. As Alfred Politz said, "Present Day advertising research has a long way to go before it reaches the level of Claude Hopkin's contribution to efficient advertising".

Claude Hopkins has written a very thought provoking book called "Scientific Advertising", where he reflects on his experiences and leanings. A Great book to for every advertising and marketing professional.

Reading this book, David Ogilvy had said, "Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life"

Claude Hopkins always approached advertising as if the advertisement is replacing the sales man for needed lead generation and always looked for sales from his advertising efforts. His methods are ICONIC in advertising and marketing world.

When I saw the above Wall Street Journal Advt by Claude Hopkins, from my SEM Knowledge, I saw a fantastically written Landing Page. This is the kind of landing page that I have most often used for lead generation campaigns. The pioneering work of Claude Hopkins hit me, then. He was eons before not only his contemporaries, but the current seasoned marketers, as well.

I read the book "Scientific Advertising", to look for relevance and to augment my SEM Knowledge. I can not say it has changed my life, but it has changed my own perspectives on Advertising and Marketing. The book gave me methods how efficiencies can be brought into the advertising process.

Oh! Apologies if you thought I got carried away! I did it with a Purpose!

The fact that you are here, reading this up, means that you have an interest in Advertising /Marketing, in general and Digital Marketing, in particular. Most probably you are deciding to have a career in Search Engine Marketing. And I am attempting to Crystal Ball gazing!

Irrespective of your specificity of your context, we would like you to read the book "Scientific Advertising" by Claude C Hopkins.

To encourage your patronage, we have provided the pdf format of the book 'Scientific Advertising' for you.

Click to downloand "Scientific Advertising" Scientific Advertsing by Claude Hopkins

Happy Reading!

When you finish reading, you will end up learning few new things about Advertising, Lead Generation and could see relevance of Claude Hopkins ideas in Search Engine Marketing.

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