Best Laptop for Digital Marketing - Do you have the Recommended configuration for learning Online marketing?
If not, it could slow you down!

Hello Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

Do you know what is Best Laptop Configuration for Digital Marketing? Do have the recommended configuration of your laptop to have an effective learning in your digital marketing course?

While conducting GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP), I saw one of my bright students have a tough time to cope with the program.

Yes, GOMP is very intesne program, and I push all GOMP students to give thier best shot in learning digital marketing.

He was highly attentive and diligent in his assignments.
Still, he was having a tough time to cope with the program.
He was worried he might not be able to launch his online marketing career.

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Yes, he was worried about his laucnh into online marketing.

I decided to get on a one-on-one call with him.
That is the usual protocol for helping out a student, who is not able to cope up with the program. After elaborating the details, I realized that his laptop was slow.
In fact, very slow!

I asked him to share his Laptop Hardware and software configuration.
He did.
And then I saw what the problem was.
His laptop did not have the recommended hardware and software configuration for learning digital marketing.

Yes, when I told him the recommended configuration, he changed his laptop to the Best Laptop Configuration for Digital Marketing. It is the recommended configuration that I ask all my students and associates to get!
So I asked him the same.

We both were glad he did.
And he not only coped well with GOMP,
but also completed all his assignments in time.

If you don't have the recommended hardware and software configuration,
it could slow down your learning and an eventual delay in launching your career into digital marketing. So, get the Best Laptop Configuration for Digital Marketing.

So, what is the recommended laptop configuration?
Here it is - Best Laptop Configuration for Digital Marketing.

Minimum: Intel Core i3 or above. (Or AMD equivalent)
Recommended: Intel Core i5

Operating System
PC: Microsoft 10 or newer
Mac: Apple OSX 10.6 or newer
Mobile: iOS 7 or newer, Andriod 4.2 or Newer

Hard Drive
Minimum: 100 GB or above
Recommended: 500 GB

4GB or more

USB Ports
At least 2 USB ports

The latest

Battery Life
Minimum 2 Hours after a full charge

Web Browsers
Google Chrome: Latest
Mozilla Firefox: Latest
Apple Safari: Latest
Microsoft Edge: Latest

Internet Speeds
Recommended speed: 1.5 MBPS or more
Minimum speed: 512 kbps or more

A sound card and a headset with a mike

Productivity Software
Microsoft Office: 2016 or 365 Pro Plus (recommended) or 2010 (minimum)
Antivirus Software: Latest version
Adobe Flash player: Latest
Adobe Reader: Latest

Go ahead! Get that laptop configuration!
It is the Best Laptop Configuration for Digital Marketing.
Go ahead! Learn your online marketing well!
Let's launch your online marketing career, together!

Yes, I would like to know what configuration of laptop you have.
I would like to know what challenges you faced with respect your laptop configuration. How did you solve them?

Comment below to share your insights and expereinces.
Eager to see your comments, Captain!

As always, thanks for your attention!

Rgds / RatanKK

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