PPC Course's Design

The PPC Course is designed for WeekDay Batches(8 Weeks) and for WeekEnd Batches (10 Weeks).

The PPC course is structured in such a way that each batch will have Classroom Module (56 Hrs) and Project Module (60 Hours), besides the self paced study (96 Hrs).

The WeekEnd batches will have classroom sessions only on Saturday & Sunday. Each days classroom session duration is 4 Hrs.

The WeekDay batches will have Classroom sessions either on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

Want to know the schedule of the PPC Course, please click on PPC Course's Schedule.

In the Classroom Module, there will be classroom curriculum hours, assessment hours and Industry interaction Hours.

In the Project Module, a participant will be having a self paced hands–on project, where s/he will be implementing a PPC campaign Live, guided and reviewed by the seasoned Search Marketing faculty.

The Course is designed to give hands on learning through three PPC projects. Please click on PPC Course's Live Project Details for more information. These projects emphasize on applying the concepts learnt in the classroom curriculum and the self paced study material.

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A quick glance at the indicative number of hours to be committed for taking the PPC Marketing Course are as follows:

Classroom Module (# of Hrs)


Classroom Curriculum Hrs


Self Study Hours


Industry Interaction Hours


Total Hours


No of Hrs needed per week -WeekDay Batch


No of Hrs needed per week –WeekEnd Batch


Project Module (# of Hrs)


Hands-on Project Hours


Project Review Hours


Total Hrs


No of Weeks


No of Hrs Needed per week


Total Hrs needed for GutsGo's Paid Search Course


The Detailed Course Structure will be given, once you have paid the fee and registered for the course.

During the course of the training, the participants will also go through regular and rigorous evaluation and assessment at various stages of the course.

When they complete the PPC course as per the standards set by GutsGo & IAMAI, each participant will have IAMAI Certification, as "Search Marketing Professional". And each Certified participant will have a permanent web link, each one on IAMAI and GutsGo websites, for the period of one year.

If you are interested to register for our GutGo's PPC Course, please click on Interested in PPC

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