PPC Course's Scope

The objective of GutsGo's PPC Course is to impart the skill set of running campaigns through the Sponsored advertisement on the Search Engines. Please note, 'Search Engine Optimization' is beyond the scope of this Course.


The PPC Course covers the top 4 search engines, viz., Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. However, teaching of the PPC Concepts and their applications are predominantly taught with the help of Google AdWords Advertising Platform. So Google Adwords Learning Center will be the main course material, along with GutsGo's proprietary course material.

When a participant completes the PPC course as per the standards set by GutsGo & IAMAI, each participant will have IAMAI Certification, as "Search Marketing Professional". And each Certified participant will have a permanent web link, each one on IAMAI andGutsGo websites, for a period of one year.


The Standards that IAMAI & GutsGo have set for conducting the Pay Per Click Course are:

For the participant

  • to impart the skill set which will help the participant in achieving the expected results for a PPC Campaign,
  • to enhance the career prospects of the participant, either as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

For Business Organization / Industry

  • to design and to deliver the course as per the needs of the Indian Digital Marketing Industry, in general and needs of IAMAI members, in specific
  • to keep the delivery of the course as contextual and as relevant through enough Industry Interaction,
  • to increase the availability of PPC / Search Marketing Skilled Manpower in the market.

For Education per se.

  • To synergize the art of Marketing with the science of Paid Search.


GutsGo is primarily responsible for designing, developing and delivering the SEM Course as per the set standards. It is the endeavor of GutsGo to meet and to exceed these standards. GutsGo, working along with IAMAI, ensures that the course has enough industry interaction, by planning and scheduling participation of Practicing Search Marketers from IAMAI Members' Community.

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