PPC Course's Prerequisites

You really want to ensure that you have the pre-requisites to do GutsGo's PPC Course, is it not? Good!

Why do you need these pre-requisites:

  • Prior Knowledge of Marketing. (We build on the Marketing Concepts that you have. Lack of them, you will miss out on the bigger picture of PPC Course. Most often, the art of Marketing is lost to the science of Marketing in Search Marketing efforts.)
  • Prior Knowledge of Advertising. (Please read and assimilate “Scientific Advertising” by Claude C Hopkins, to have a quick grasp of Advertising. Hope you got a copy of it. As most often, the science of Advertising is lost to the Art of Advertising.)
  • Ability to check, to write and to handle web mail. (You are reading this email or web page, so I presume, you have no issues on this.)
  • Ability to browse the net (You are browsing the net, so you have it!)
  • A curious mind (GutsGo's PPC does not do anything to improve your curious mind. And please note we have not said, intelligent mind. However, it will help BIG deal if you have curious and intelligent mind.)
  • Passion for Digital Medium. (Once again, we do not do anything to improve this. The only way to check if you are passionate about digital medium is – the number of hours that you spend online, reading and searching about various stuff, feeding to your curious questions. By the way, if you spend good deal of time on Facebooks of the world, you might be mistaken to think that you have passion for Digital Medium.)
  • Last but not the least, an access to a pc / a Lap Top with a minimum of 512 KBPS internet line, for as many hours of self study that you are expected to do during the course. (If you do not have it, you need to look for some creative options here. One of the things that you can plan is to use a local Cyber Café for the self study hours)

Since you have come this far, reading about us, you have a surprise gift, if you register your interest for our PPC Course. Look for a surprise gift which will help you get the basics of Advertising. A must read for anyone who is connected to Advertising.

We are serious to enhance your search marketing capabilities. So, we take training you on the pre-requisites as seriously as we take to train you on the search marketing capabilities.

Pre-PPC Course Training

Once you paid the course fee and confirmed the payment of the course, you will be going through a 20 hours self paced pre-PPC Course Training. In this training, we cover basics of Marketing, Advertising, Search Marketing and your goals for taking up the course. You will also complete 5 exercises, and they are needed to be completed before before the start date of the course. So it will be wise to pay the fees for the course early, so that you have ample of time to do the Pre-PPC Course Training. (If you miss this Pre-PPC Course training, it is like going for a marathon, which out any preparation! And this preparation needs only 4 hrs of concentrated time per day, for 5 days! So please do register for the course early!).

If you are serious to make the most of the GutsGo’s PPC Course, we strongly recommend that you pay the fees early. It will give you ample of time to complete the Pre-Course Training, before you come for the first day of the classroom sessions.(You are investing a good money, time and effort for this course and we want you to make the most of it. We know we are repeating, but do not want to miss reiterating this point again!).

Connect with us, if you need help to make your decisions to take our PPC Course. Remember to elaborate your query.

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