PPC Course's IAMAI Certification Details

GutsGo's PPC Course is designed in such a way that the participant learns on an every day basis. The learning is through the classroom interaction, during the self paced study and through PPC Campaign Implementation.

We want each one of the participants to have confidence on their own capabilities to handle complex Pay Per Click Campaigns across all search engines.

With that in mind, GutsGo's PPC course will have regular and rigorous evaluations. Once you are successful in your evaluations, you would be certified as a "Search Marketing Professional' by IAMAI. By virtue of this certification, you will also enjoy some benefits from IAMAI and GutsGo.

Evaluation Details

  • There are five types of individual assessments in the Search Marketing Course. They are - Class room Participation, Quizzes / Tests, Project 1 Evaluation, Project 2 Evaluation, and Project 3 Evaluation.
  • The Weightage for each type of assessment are as follows:
    • Classroom Participation - 10 Credits
    • Regular Quizzes and Test - 10 Credits
    • Project 1 Evaluation - 10 Credits
    • Project 2 Evaluation - 20 Credits
    • Project 3 Evaluation - 50 Credits

  • Your performance on each of these assessments is combined to arrive at your final credit in your PPC Course.
  • GutsGo will be sole assessment and evaluation authority for this course.

IAMAI Certification

  • You need to get a >60% credits in each individual assessment. With out which, you will not be given IAMAI Certification, even if your overall credits are > 60%.
  • If you have got <75% and > 60% Credits, your IAMAI Certification grade will be a PASS
  • If you have got <80% and > 75% Credits, your IAMAI Certification grade will be a GOOD
  • If you have got > 80% Credits, your IAMAI Certification grade will be Distinction.
  • There is no second attempt for the IAMAI Certification. So please give your best shot.

Benefits of IAMAI Certification

  • Once certified, you will get a one year link of your Search Engine Marketing Professional certification, IAMAI approved permanent alumni page on GutsGo website.
    • In the Alumni Page, we will have names of all participants in a batch.
    • If you have cleared the Course, you will have a hyper link going to your certification page.
    • If you have not cleared the course, then you will name will be mentioned in the list of alumni, but there would be no hyper link given.

  • If you have got >80% Credits, GutsGo will sponsor your "Google AdWords Professional Certification" under GutsGo's brand.
  • If you got IAMAI Certified, you will be given free passes for some of IAMAI conferences in the next three months from the date of completion of the course.
    • if the conferences are outstation, you have to bear your travel and stay charges.
    • This is Call Option, meaning you have to ask for the passes, when you are eligible for the free passes and obtain them.
    • These passes are non-transferable, and for that specific event only.

  • GutsGo will have regular workshops for Practicing Search Marketer and Practicing Digital Marketers. You may get a chance to speak at these events.

It is an IAMAI and GutsGo's endeavor to make this PPC Course Certification as a standard in the Indian Digital Marketing Industry.

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