PPC Course & Our Expectation From You!

PPC Course is a training endeavor to enhance your online marketing capabilities. Once you opt to do the course, as a participant, you are expected to follow the pedagogy with discipline and adherence to schedules. To meet the objective and also to make PPC Course an effective training for you, request you to go through the expectations of the course and ensure that you have planned to commit the needed time, effort and intellect.

Some specific expectation from each of the participant are as follows:

  • There are Pre-requisites for participating in the Course. GutsGo will not assess a participant on these pre-requisites, and it is the participant's sole responsibility to have these before taking the course. Please look through the list of "Pre-requisites" at the bottom of this page.
  • It is imperative that a participant understands the time and the effort commitments to undergo through the GutsGo’s Pay Per Click Course. Please look at Structure of the Course
  • Participants are required to understand the Course evaluation and Certification guidelines, thoroughly. Please look through PPC Course Evaluation and IAMAI Certification
  • We, at GutsGo, have a goal to meet all the standards that we have set with IAMAI. We can accomplish it only through YOU, your co-operation, involvement and enthusiasm. To understand the standards, please look through PPC Course Standards
  • As per the design of the course, self study hours, both during the Class Module and also during the Project Module are very critical for the entire course. Any slack from the participant in the quality and quantity of self study hours will effect his/her learning in the course. Therefore, we request you to commit the needed hours and efforts for the self study.
  • If a participants performance is not up to the mark or if there is a behavior or attitude which is not conducive for other participants or for learning environment, the participant will be asked either to discontinue or to defer his/her course. The faculty and/or the participants can escalate any such behavior and the decision will be taken at the discretion of GutsGo.
  • Each participant has to comply with course pedagogy and its time guidelines. Participants should put efforts to keep pace with the schedule.
  • Last but not the least, maintain good health, keep good thoughts and be focused on the course.

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Expected Pre-requisites for the PPC Course

The Pay Per Click course is completely concentrated on training and enhancing your search marketing skill set. To make the best out of the GutsGo’s Search Marketing Course, it is absolutely necessary, a participant needs to have the following pre-requisites:

  1. Prior Knowledge of Marketing.
  2. Prior Knowledge of Advertising.
  3. Ability to check, to write and to handle a web mail.
  4. Ability to browse the net
  5. A curious mind
  6. A passion for Digital Medium.
  7. Last but not the least, access to a pc / a Lap Top with an internet line, for as many hours of self study that you are expected to do during the course.

If you are serious of to make the most of the GutsGo’s PPC Course, we strongly recommend that you have all of these pre-requisites.

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