GutsGo Online Marketing Program?
What is it?
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Prof RatanKK here.

(I am on the extreme left with the BANDANA on!
Oh! Yes! There is a BANDANA Story that you need to know!
Will let you know as we prod along with GOMP!)

Oh! Yes! Launch your online marketing career with GOMP, Captain!

Launch your online marketing quest with GOMP!
GOMP helps you launch your eMarketing Career!
More than 4000+ marketing professionals have taken GOMP.

Eager to help you manifest your online marketing career, Captain!
The next batch of GOMP is starting on Sunday, Dec 16, 2018.

As I see it, you are exploring to learn DIGITAL MARKETING.
You are looking for an expert to guide you, in this learning process.
I am glad to say that you are at the right place.

Thousands of marketing professionals have TRUSTED with 
GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP) for learning eMarketing.
Most of them vouch for the learning that they got from GOMP.
Even after years after completing GOMP.
Read the GOMP Alumni Testimonials on the right to know what they said.

Since you don't know me or GutsGo, you would be SKEPTICAL!
You are skeptical if GOMP training will work for you.
You are THINKING right, Captain!
You have every reason to to be skeptical.
But please allow me to explain!

I want to briefly explain the following:

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  2. GOMP Modules & Learning Objectives
  3. Why GOMP is a roller Coaster ride?
  4. A demo of a GOMP Session (You should watch this!).
  5. Why you should learn from me (Prof. RatanKK)?
  6. Is GOMP a better option to learn Digital Marketing?
  7. A Heart to Heart talk to you.

By the time you read through this entire explanation,
you will be super comfortable to know what is GOMP and what it can do for you.
By the time you read through this entire explanation, I am slightly confident,
you would be LESS skeptical on GOMP or on GutsGo or on Me (Prof RatanKK)!

Want to try me?
Let's start!

First, the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

When you pay for GOMP, you would get more than double the value.

That is not me saying it.
That is what the GOMP Alumni say to me, to themselves and to every one interested to register for GOMP, like you!

In fact, the GOMP Alumni go on tell us they have achieved their objectives of taking GOMP.
Or at least they are on the path to accomplish their goals.
We. Together. Find. Miracle.

It is a cult feeling amongst GOMP alumni that the program impacts their life in a positive way. (I am really blessed to have designed it that way!)

I know that skeptic in you is getting CHOKED for oxygen!
The skeptic is saying, if this does not happen for me?

In such case, Your money is not worth to me and my services are not worth for you.

So, here's the DEAL, upfront to you:

When you enroll in GOMP, you have 30 days to decide if GOMP is for you or not. In this 30 days, you will have gone through 4 out of 10 modules.
(What are these 10 modules and what will be covered, is the next item I covering in my explanation!)

While you are attending GOMP,
if you aren’t thrilled with the training, you can ask for a refund.
If the Content is not helping you learn, you can ask for a refund.
If there is a problem with the program delivery style, you have every reason to ask for a refund.
For any other reason or no reason at all,
just shoot me an Email asking for the refund and I will REFUND you every single rupee. (After deducting the Taxes, for sure!)

You will have no HASSLE.
You will have NO Delay.

Make sense?
(I am asking the skeptic in you, Captain!)
Your back is covered for the RISK you take with paying the GOMP Fee.
So, you should JUMP in. Let's Together Find Miracle.

Let's move to the next important information you require about GOMP.

GOMP Modules & The Learning Objectives

Here is the program outline of modules covered.
List of learning objectives of each of these modules.
Each module has anywhere from 60 slides to 120 slides.
A module will be covered in a 3 hour session.

1. Business, Marketing & eMarketing

  • How to perform Health Check of a Business
  • Decide which Tactic to be used for a Business
  • How to Position your Product or Services
  • How to Package your Product or Services
  • How to Segment your customers
  • How to Target your customers
  • Much Much more...

2. Paid Search Marketing

  • Purchase funnel, eMarketing funnel for search PPC
  • You will learn about Google Adwords
  • You will understand User Search Behavior
  • You will learn about Keywords, Keywords match types, Campaign Structure
  • And much much more....

3. Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Analytics Mind Set
  • Conversion Funnel
  • How to measure your Marketing efforts?
  • What to Track, Analyze & Optimize?
  • A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing
  • Goals, Events & KPI's
  • How to measure ROI of a Tactic?
  • And much much more....

4. Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Web, Social Media & Social Media Marketing?
  • How to market on Social Media?
  • Consumers attitude on Social Media, Social Media feedback cycle
  • Online Reputation Management
  • How to develop Social Media Strategy?
  • How to develop Social Media Calendar?
  • And much much more....

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Organic Listings
  • How google indexes web pages?
  • Various spider issues?
  • How search engine works?
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • You will learn about Title tags, URL, Site Navigation
  • And much much more....

6. Website Strategy

  • Landing pages
  • Lading Page Strategy
  • Critical elements which are necessary for website to drive engagement
  • You will learn about Website Strategy
  • And much much more....

7. email Marketing

  • How to create your Email List
  • How to grow your Email List
  • When to send Emails
  • Whom to send Emails
  • Which Emails to send
  • Subject lines, Deliver-ability, Newsletter
  • And much much more....

8. Display Marketing

  • Standard Advertising formats
  • Different kind of Advertisements
  • You will learn about Banner Advertisements
  • Which metrics to measure
  • How to make an effective Ad
  • And much much more....

9. Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Site VS Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertisements
  • SMS Ads, IVR Ads
  • Mobile consumer evolution
  • You will know about complexity of going Mobile
  • Mobile's role in marketing mix, in your business strategy, CRM
  • And much much more....

10. Integrated eMarketing

In this module, you will learn How different tactics in Digital Marketing are used in synchronization with each other to achieve Business Goal. 

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Let me tell you upfront!

GOMP is a Roller Coaster Ride!


For every module, you will have to complete the following FIVE tasks:

  1. Pre-Session Material to go through (Links, Videos, Tools et al)
  2. Pre-session Home Work to gets Hands on Exposure.
  3. The Session & The Session Material.
  4. Post-Session Assignment which will test you of what you learnt in the module, how you need apply them, the strategy of it, the integration of it and much much more.
  5. Sharing your learning on LinkedIn to build your profile.

These FIVE tasks are the stepping stones in this roller coaster ride.
You will do these FIVE stepping stones for every module in GOMP.

You would need to spend a minimum of 2 to 4 hrs practice time every day from the beginning of GOMP to end of the GOMP.
Yes! Everyday!
These 4 hours per day is besides the weekly 3 hour online sessions.
You will get a number of emails, of content, expected actions.
In these four hours, you would prepare for the coming session.
In these four hours, you would practice the TOOLs that are shared.
You will have do hands on exercises.
You need to connect and discuss with your BUDDY members.
You will have to read through the Knowledge base and various content that is shared with you.
You will have to complete the pre-session home work before you come to a session.
Yes, the most intense one, the post Session Assignments.

You will have to go through steep learning curve.
You will experience Aha moments & Ouch Moments.
You will face mood swings - Ups & Downs.
You would have spend more than 200 hours in the 10 weeks of GOMP.

GOMP is called as a Roller Coaster Ride, for the same reason.

So, now you know what is in store for you in GOMP.

You have few more questions.
Bring them on, Captain!

OK, Prof! Everything is good, but why should I learn from you?

Well, that's a good question!
In fact, a bloody good question!

You know what? Information is not a problem.
All the information that you need to learn Online marketing is out there.
You just need to know How to use Google.

You might be able to figure it all out on your own.

Or you can take advantage of my more than decade of experience and time.
I have already invested in hard work, hanging out and learning from the Masters.

Yes, I have made my fair share of mistakes.
Would you rather learn from those or repeat them all yourself?

When I got started, we didn't even have this kind of courses to learn from.
Lucky You. Let's. Together. Find. Miracle.

In my years of experience, I have consulted with marquee companies.
They ranged from major IT companies to manufacturing firms to Digital Agencies.

Few things worked and many things didn't.
What applies to one business wont apply to other business.
I have taught students at leading Management Institutes in India.
I have conducted corporate workshops for freshers, middle managers and also, senior managment.

What you learn here at GutsGo, its my decade of experience that have been documented and presented to you in the form of modules.

I know which concepts could be understood by people who are just starting out and which concepts to be kept for Advanced level.

Everything has been made simple so that people like you can learn faster, by following the systematic steps that helps you understand online marketing in a structured manner.
The DESIGN of GOMP is proven time and again.

You just have to follow steps that you are directed to.
By the end of this course, you would know -:

  • How to perform Health Check of a business and How to position and package your products or services?
  • How to develop a Website Strategy?
  • How to bring traffic to a website and generate leads for a business ( SEO, Paid Search, Display Ads )?
  • How to spread Brand Awarness, engage your audience and bring more leads through Social Media Marketing?
  • How to convert people through Email Marketing to buy your product or services?
  • How to measure if your marketing efforts are successful via Analytics?
  • You will know about Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertisement, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites?
  • You will be able to understand entire spectrum of Digital Marketing.
  • Finally, you will know How to apply and use different tactics - SEO, PPC, SMM etc in synchronization with you Business Objective?

This will help you to kick start your career in Digital marketing and will help you to sell your services or products online.

I have been paid INR 1,60,000 for a single day workshop on Digital Marketing.
I have charged clients USD 6000 per month to help them implement online marketing.
I Choose my clients carefully.
Not considering entire spectrum of Digital Marketing, clients should have that much budget to pay for my knowledge and services.

BUT, you can get all my KNOWLEDGE for a fraction of that amount that I charge my clients. Lot of TIST (Time, Intellect , Sweat and Tears) have been invested in creating GOMP (GutsGo Online Marketing Program).

What can be the WORST CASE SCENARIO if you decide to learn from me?

After Joining GOMP, you may feel this course is not for you.
You may not be satisfied with content, session or whatever reason may be.

You are covered with 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
In this 30 days, 40% of the course will be completed.
You have 30 DAYS to decide if GOMP is for you or not.

BUT, If you go through entire program and complete this ROLLER COASTER ride, what is on the other side for you?


  • What would it mean to have a career in Digital Marketing?
  • What would it mean for you to work at your desired place with your desired salary?
  • What would happen if you would know How to sell your products or services online?
  • What would happen if you know How to take your Business to next level?
  • How would that impact your life? 

Of course, this is not going to happen overnight.

You will have to work hard for that.
GOMP is proven. GOMP alumni have vouched for what they learnt in the program.

It is the least line of resistance that you have to follow.
Just follow the design of GOMP.
Do the stepping stones of GOMP, and you will be on right path.
GOMP is a treasure trove of online marketing knowledge.
As a GOMP alumni, you will reap the value many times over.

If I had this kind of training when I got started, I would have paid any amount of money.

To avoid all the pain.
To avoid all the frustration.
To avoid all the mistakes that I made.
That could have saved my valuable Time.

Anyways, Let me ask you a Question -

What will you loose if you do not take action to register with GOMP?

Your competition is already successful online or trying to figure out how to be successful online.

Professionals are already learning about Digital Marketing.

Lot of people have already achieved a certain level of mastery in Digital Marketing.

So, if you don't take action today, that familiar feeling " I wish i did this earlier " will occur again and again.
A sense of opportunity is time bound.
A sense of regret is life long.

Frustration of not being a front runner when you had a chance will never go away.

But you can change that

All you have to do is enroll in GOMP ( GutsGo Online Marketing Program).

So, if you are serious about learning Digital Marketing to make a career, to grow your business and willing to do work to get there ( Which I believe you are , as you have read this far )

Why not become an Online Marketing Professional?
Why not start with the next GOMP batch?
You should! So please hustle!
Please INQUIRE today

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"Testimonials speaks louder than words".
So, it is GOMP Alumni Testimonials Time!
Let me share some testimonials of GOMP Alumni with you.

Read what vishal and others say about GOMP on the right panel.

Just checking on the SKEPTIC in you, who wants to learn digital marketing.

By now you know what is GOMP.
By now you know why you should learn it from me (Prof RatanKK).
By now you know you have got 30 day money back guarantee.

You got another question?
Bring it on, Captain!

It is important that you are making an informed decision to register for GOMP.
So all your questions are welcome!

So what is the question.

OK Prof! But tell me how is GOMP better than any other Digital Marketing Course.

That is a good question!

Requires two aspects of it.

One, the tutor specific.
Two, the program specific. (You must read how GOMP was BORN!)

First, the tutor specific.
You already know who I am!
(Hint: if you are learning digital marketing, learn it from some one who has a passion to teach you.)
By now, you know what value I bring to your online marketing.

Now let's look at program specific details about GOMP.


So on Feb 11, 2009, when I was laid off from my last company in Mumbai, India, I just kept walking for 2 and half hours, from Santacuz to Bandra to Mahim to Wadala and asking lots of questions:

what is the road ahead?
where to Go?
Do I have guts to go where I wants to go, can I put unquestioned and relentless 5 years to go with his guts?

That’s when GutsGo was born in my mind


Economic Meltdown in 2008 pushed the company to cut costs.
I was a cost.
So I was FIRED.

In order to survive I did front line jobs for CLIENTS, such as developing content for a website, putting the SEO strategy and working with the organization to set up the needed online marketing process. Very small projects, if you call them.
I did an SEO Audit for Rs. 7,000, which took me two weeks of time.
I did a PPC campaign which got me Rs.4,500 (3% of the budget) for that gig.
I did a Online Marketing Strategy Document for Rs. 12,000, a 4-week effort.
And many more

Money was meager, but that was enough Cash (Oxygen) to survive.
I persisted until I could sustain.

While I am doing the front line work to survive, I have developed a process to DO Online Marketing for Paid Search, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, eMail, Display, Mobile and Integrated Online Marketing.

These process have become the assignments that people do in GOMP.

Then I have put all the relevant knowledge in to a presentation that people need to successfully do that assignment.

The Presentation plus the Assignment is packed as GOMP.
IAMAI has been pretty supportive in making it a certified course for any one who wanted to learn online Marketing in India.
GOMP build an unique reputation and helped thousands of marketing professionals.
Eventually, GOMP had been taught as a full credit marketing elective in some of the premier management schools in India viz.,

  • IIM, Ahmedabad, India
  • IIM, Udaipur, India
  • Great Lakes, Chennai, India
  • MICA, Ahmedabad, India et al


While I am doing many things to survive, I was asked to train the Marketing Team of Hungama, a digital marketing services company, for a days workshop.

Lucky me, the participants learned everything that I taught.
I was paid Rs 75,000 for that one day workshop.
And that is the beginning of being a trainer.


Online Marketing is a DOING skill.
GOMP covers all that a person requires to get them INITIATED to DO DIGITAL Marketing.
10 Modules is what I got for GOMP!
I put the most essentials and fundamental needed together for an online marketer.
With committed practice, a successful GOMP alumni becomes an online Marketing Bond. 

Prof, Can we see a DEMO of GOMP?

Yes! Please see the YouTube Video below:

Ok Prof. If I want to Join, Show me How to enroll in GOMP!

GOMP Registration Procedure

Please pay up the Program Fee at any of  your nearest ICICI bank.
Program Fee is - INR 60000 (Rupees Sixty Thousand Only) inclusive of applicable GST (18%)
It is the responsibility of the applicant that the payment is complete in all aspects.

GutsGo Enterprises bank details are:

Bank Name: ICICI Bank Limited
A/c. Name: GutsGo Enterprises
A/c. No: 103005000265
A/c Type: Current Account
IFSC Code: ICIC0001030
Branch: Kharghar Branch, Near Shilp Chowk, Navi Mumbai – 410 210.

Step-2 : 
Please click and complete 
GutsGo Program Registration Form in all respects

Step-3 :
A confirmation Email of your GOMP Registration will be sent to your registered Email within 48-72 Hours of the Step-2 completion

A Final Words you (A heart to heart talk!):

If you have come this far, on this page, I will tell you that you are genuinely interested to learn online marketing and at least, you have the drive to make it happen.. 
Get into GOMP. That would expedite the process. 

"Specialized Knowledge is Power "

My Goal is to equip you with that "Specialized Power "

I want you to be in a position where you can select where you want to work.
Companies should line up for your services.
You should be able to determine/dictate what your salary should be and not the other way arround....

To make that happen,
You should have that much knowledge where you can determine the direction of a company.
I want you to be financially Independent.
This is not going to happen overnight.

It requires hard word. 
It requires Discipline.
It requires commitment.
It takes time.
From your side and my side.


         "When you succeed - I succeed".
Its simple.

You are in GOOD HANDS!

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer -

I want to help you in selling your products or services online.
I want to help you to take our business to next level.

I want to help you in understanding entire spectrum of Digital Marketing so you know How to bring more people to your website and How you can have more people using your products or services.

So you can earn more profits.
So you can have more freedom, more time.
So you can enjoy lifestyle that you want for your family and for yourself.
So that you can be successful in your Business and in your life.

This is my GOAL for YOU.
Are you game, Captain?

PS: Do read through the GOMP Alumni testimonials too. Yes, make a decision for GOMP! All the best!

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