Online Marketing Training: Lead Capture Form For GutsGo Business Associates

Dear Business Associate!

You got one more lead for GutsGo eMarketing Training & Corporate Workshops (ETCW) Services.

Please fill in the lead capture form completely as per the Lead Capture Form (LCF) Process

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Lead Capture Form (LCF) for GutsGo Training Programs

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Lead Capture Form (LCF) Process

  • Each Business Associate (BA) has their own methods to drive sales and registration for each of GutsGo ETCW Services.
  • A Lead is some one
    • who has shown interest in scheduled ETCW services, and s/he wants to participate in the program as per the announced schedule.
    • who fills the Online Application form completely on GutsGo site.
  • When ever (BA) procures a lead, the same needs to be updated on to online form called 'Lead Capture Form", which is accessible only to BA with a specific password, so that the lead is registered against the BA. You need to provide the following details in the Lead Capture form:
    • Business Associate Name
    • Name of the Prospect
    • Program to be taken
    • Mobile Number of the Prospect
    • eMail id of the prospect
    • City / Location of the Prospect
    • Signature Code of the Business Associate
  • Reconciliation of Leads:
    • GutsGo has more than one business associates who are driving sales and registration for it ETCW services.
    • Each BA has no geographical constraints, as most of the ETCW services are delivered through online, so this opens up the entire world as our market.
    • Since each BA might come across the same Lead, the reconciliation of leads is important for GutsGo to pay each of the Business Associates.
    • Reconciliation of Leads Process:
      • GutsGo captures a lead. (as defined above)
      • While prospecting and selling, a BA has to fill the lead details on "Lead Capture Form". Not filling the lead in the LCF is like FORGETTING to collect your lottery after winning it!
      • A lead is attributed to a BA, if the information in LCF and Online Application Form are same. Any difference in the info from LCF to that of info on Online Application form, will be left for GutsGo's discretion to attribute it to a BA.
      • In the event of a clash between two BAs for the same lead, we will attribute the registration to BA who is the most recent to capture the lead in LCF vis-a-vis the time of Online Application Form by the lead.
      • A lead captured before filling the online application form by the lead has more weightage than a lead capture after the Online Application Form by the lead.
      • A BA has the right to appeal for a wrong or non-attribution, and GutsGo might consider to look at it.
      • The final decision of attributions is with GutsGo team.