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GutsGo Internship Program (GIP) helps you to do online Marketing.When you DO online Marketing, you would be launching your Online Marketing Quest.


As we type, we are doing GIP Batch 05.

Find more about it, at the Progress Note for GIP05 on LinkedIn.

If you have already plunged into it, Congratulations!

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More Information About GIP

Guidelines For DOING GIP:

  • You should deliver the HIGHEST quality of out put, in the given time frame, for every given task.
  • You should stick to the agreed time lines.
  • You should be available to get on calls with GutsGo team, at regular AGREED times and as per demands of the task assigned to you.
  • You can work from home or the local coffee shop...and you'll have flexible hours. We prize flexibility and we're very project based.
  • You can work from where ever you are, but you need to be ONLINE in the given times and be available for the work that is delegated to you.
  • Whenever necessary, you will have to call or two, each a min of 30 Min duration, to help you be at it!
  • This internship is or 3 months, part time. However, GutsGo will reserve the right to continue this or end this, either during the GIP or for extension of GIP as per perfrmance to each of the tasks given to you
  • You will be getting access to live tools. So please do not change any credentials of any of the tools.
  • This is a structured program, so please do as much as instructed. Yes, You can explore beyond the instructions, as long as it does not HINDER other participants progress.
  • This internship comes with NO remuneration, what so ever. All expenses of doing this internship will be borne by you. None of this will be paid by GutsGo, until unless you get the approval in writing.
  • This internship is a FREE WILL Agreement, which means that both parties are 'AT WILL" to engage each other.
  • GIP has some FREE part. Some Paid Part. You will be told about all this and more as you prod along with the selection process.

What Is In It For You? in GIP:

  • You would be working with other practicing Digital Marketers who are GutsGo Team members or GutsGo Business Associates. So we will give you an experience of certificates at the end of the internship.
  • You get access to Online tools to implement you online marketing campaigns.
  • You could work on Google Adwords Accounts.
  • You could develop Landing Page strategies for Paid Search and Email Marketing
  • You could get to use and to access Email software like Juvlon, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor etc
  • You could get access to Google Analytics
  • You could get to develop On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization for one or two websites.
  • You could get to attend GutsGo Programs and Workshops.
  • You could get access to program material of few GutsGo Programs.
  • You could be associated with GutsGo's team and GutsGo's empaneled Trainers
  • You could be a member of GutsGo's eMarketing advisory council, which helps to do thought leading work in Indian eMarketing space.
  • You could get a Job in Digital Marketing with one of GutsGo Business Associates of GutsGo Clients.

Desired Profile of a GIP Participant :

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You take pride in turning raw briefs into a piece of creative Online Marketing and have a knack for leveraging every piece of information to create maximum value
  • You're self-organizing, self-starting, and you love challenges.
  • You work and play will with others. You enjoy a collaborative environment and thrive on constructive criticism
  • You're a team player who's willing to go out of your way for others. You don't need to be told to go the extra mile - you're already there.
  • You love to learn, implement, and share.
  • You need to be smart, motivated, and an extraordinary self-starter. You need to ready to step into a small team where you'll need to wear multiple hats
  • You are familiar with MS Office, Internet based Applications and good typing skills required
  • You have Fundamental Knowledge of how an Online Marketing Agency works
  • You have Fundamental Knowledge of how on online publishing portal works

You would be a SURE Fit, if you are :

  • Someone with hyper-impeccable English communication skills (both verbal and written),
  • Hungry for quality, and having that slow, sure and patient attention to details
  • More focused on skill-sharpening and excited about learning on daily basis,
  • Unforgiving of mediocrity, with an intention to help RAISE the bar for better performance.
  • Has the drive to PROVE/ACCOMPLISH an identified purpose in life
  • Has clarity of material ambitions in the near future and in life, in general

Naman Datta


Dear All, of late I have received a few queries regarding the GutsGo Internship Program (GIP), a fellow Online Marketing Aspirant wrote to me on Linkedin asking about my experiences in GIP04 Batch. I had to say this:

Hi Nikita,

Thank you for writing in, and congratulations on your selection to GIP05.

Only a select few make it through the evaluation process.

My Personal experience at GIP04 was absolutely


Prof RatanKK's mentoring skills are exemplary, not to mention his in-depth Knowledge about Online Marketing and strategy.

The entire GutsGo Internship Program (GIP) is broken into phases and steps that help participants discover their own personal expectations and aspirations within the Online Marketing domain.

Each step has a very well thought out conviction and helps marketers understand the fundamentals of How to frame a SMART (Ask Prof. about SMART, if you haven't already) Online Marketing Strategy, and facilitate efficient execution for the same.

In each step of the GIP, you as an individual and/or group will be asked to do a certain activity, which after submission, will be evaluated by Prof., who is kind enough to let one know if the assignment is ar par with a real-life strategy.

Did I mention you also get to do a real-life-strategy, and get conversions out of them?

In a nut-shell, the GIP04 developed my Strategic, Executions and In-Depth realization skills for Online Marketing campaigns.

Even though these classes are conducted over webinars, the entire process encapsulates the essence of cognitive learning.

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