Digital marketing is a doing skill

Digital marketing is a doing skill. 'Actionable' knowledge is the only way to 'doing' digital marketing.
GutsGo Newsletter - 01 - 092020 | Sept 12, 2020 | Read time ~ 4 Min

Prof. RatanKK here.

Trust you are doing well.

If you are reading this email from me, in this Pandemic, you are safe!

Remember COVID has not gone anywhere.

It is economic reasons that are forcing all of us to brave it.

So, continue to stay safe.

Follow all the measures that are recommended to be safe.

It is more than 10 years that I have trained and consulted in digital marketing. What I found is that digital marketing has become complex, and the only way to get around it is 'regularly do' digital marketing.

Build Your Digital Marketing Competencies. Be on that quest.

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Let me share my experience (and shade of my wisdom, if you will) with you.

I have trained a bunch of marketing professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. That is they attended either my flagship program, GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP), or attended a company-sponsored 3-day digital marketing workshop.

One such company which is a billion-dollar company with a presence in 30 countries solicited my services recently. And I prepared a proposal for them and is under consideration for a commercial contract.

In preparation for creating that proposal, I compared the proposal that I have made to the same company, dating back to the 2010 to 2014 period.

The major emphasis of my proposals during that time is to impart knowledge on Paid Search, Paid Social, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Programmatic, et al.

The major emphasis of my current proposal is not on imparting the knowledge, but help them create a digital marketing plan, and use various platforms and tools to implement that digital marketing plan, as the training continues.

In my previous training, I used to demo the interfaces of Google Ads, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Analytics, Search console (it was called Google Webmaster then), MailChimp.

In my current training, I do not do those demos anymore. Yes, they have become more specific with what you can do, thereby complex for a novice. A basic demo of the interface not only will overwhelm a participant but hinders him/her to get started doing digital marketing.

So, in my current training, I ask all the participants to complete a set of certifications before they come to the training. Such certifications are

  • 6 Google Ads certifications (Search, Display, Video, Shopping Ads, Apps, Measurement)
  • 3 Google Analytical Certifications (Beginners, Advance, Tag manager)
  • SEMMrush SEO Course
  • Hubspot certification.

Note: Consciously, did not give the links to these certifications, as  I wanted you to Google them, YouTube them, Quora them. That research that you do is initiating you into the necessary 'doing' of digital marketing.

These courses are free. Doing them will give you that much-needed breadth in understanding the important DM topics. They also help you go deeper into internalizing the mechanics of each platform.

In fact, when a dear associate of mine asked for getting trained in digital marketing, I had to insist on the completion of these certifications. This is a prerequisite for any budding digital marketing professional.

Sorry, I digressed.

The current proposal for training any marketing professionals in a large organization is just not enough to impart the knowledge. But to get them to apply the knowledge in real-time for the problems and challenges that their brands and business are facing.

Any training that is not helpful and actionable to drive their Key Result Areas (KRAs), in the weeks of getting trained will be a waste of time.

One more important aspect is the velocity of learning. Or is that the steep learning curve?

Digital marketing is a doing skill. 'Actionable' knowledge is the only way to 'doing' digital marketing.'Actionable' knowledge is the only science to our Digital Marketing quest.

Looking at it, I no longer recommend just a 3-day workshop. But additionally, provide coaching calls for the participants to internalize and to apply the knowledge gained for their problems.

In fact, one of my clients found more meaning in these coaching calls, as it helped the participants to squeeze out every drop of 'actionable' knowledge. 

There was one more client, who found meaning consultation along with coaching calls, to work along with the participants. These brand managers went from novices to pros in 3 months' time. They were able to drive the KPIs and the ROIs of their marketing budgets.

Just because the training along with the coaching calls and consulting had helped them to 'do' digital marketing.

So, my question to you, is are you 'doing' digital marketing?

Some of my suggestions to 'do' digital marketing are:

  • Open your Google Analytics account for your website, and look at the various dashboards given,
  • Audit your blog,
  • Audit your Google Ads Campaign,
  • Audit your landing pages,
  • Create a marketing intelligence report for your business, and see how your business stacks up with your competition,
  • Create a customer persona of your target audience.

Those are the 'actionable' knowledge that can help us be on our digital marketing quest.

Let's be at it!

As always, thanks for your attention.

Rgds / RatanKK

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