GutsGo's 6 Month Pro Bono Internship in Digital Marketing: Job Description

GutsGo offers 6-month pro bono digital marketing internships for desirous candidates.  Aspiring candidates should have proficiency in digital marketing. Or should have completed a digital marketing course such as 'GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP)'. Or should have GUTSGO (Genuine Urge To Succeed. Grit. Onus) for a digital marketing profession.

Before applying for this internship, request you to PERUSE the complete job description given below. If you want to pursue it, only then apply for it. Ensure that you provide all the requested information in your application.

A successful GutsGo Intern will have digital marketing competencies to run winning campaigns. S/he will have the capability to consult with B2B and B2C businesses. It is observed that GutsGo's internship helps an individual in launching a successful DM Career.


More on GutsGo's 6-month pro bono Digital Marketing Internship below.

Work Expectations From You

You will work remotely and Work From Home (WFH) is the norm. Your location is agnostic, which means you can apply even if you are from IIM, Guwahati. Or XLRI, Jamshedpur. Or Madurai. Or Tirupati. Or Bombay. Or Madras. Or Calcutta.

You will be given two or more tasks per week to be completed. 

You will be required to attend a scheduled hour per week to consult with Prof. RatanKK or other GutsGo associates.

You might be required to work in a group, to complete your given tasks. However, the tasks mostly demand individual contributions more than team cooperation. 

You might be required to come over to a specific CITY for an in-person immersion of 2 days. All expenses to be borne by the participant. The cities could be Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, or Delhi.

As a time commitment, you are required to put min 20 Hours of time per week to give the best of your time, intellect, sweat, and tears (TIST).

If you can not spare 20 hours of a week for GutsGo's Digital Marketing Internship, you will fall short of the expectations. We would strongly advise you NOT to apply for the internship if you have NO time availability! Don't tell us later we have not warned you before.

A Commitment To You From Prof. RatanKK


I would like to reiterate my commitment to your learning. Some aspects of that commitment are as follows:

  • I offer a 6 month PRO Bono INTERNSHIP to work with me.  This internship is designed on the pro bono internship that Mr. Chris Gardner gets in the movie ''The Pursuit of Happyness" ( If you want to pursue to work with me on this 6-month pro-bono internship, I would recommend you to see that MOVIE (see it once again, if you have already seen it), to firm up your understanding of what this PRO BONO internship would be.
  • In this internship, you will work with me on one or two of my consulting work which is primarily in the area of business, marketing, and digital marketing. If you show promise and deliver the best outcome to clients, to GutsGo, and to the best of your capabilities, you might get into paid work even before that initial 6 months of the pro bono internship tenure completes.
  • If you can not commit 20 hours per week and your six months for this internship, do not take this up. One thing all my interns tell me is that 'This internship is demanding and intense'. You will have tasks to do on a weekly basis and you have to deliver them. You will need to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week to deliver expected outcomes and results. You will get on a call with me at least once a week. We will meet in-person, whenever I am in your city, and you will be intimated about the trip at least a week in advance. All the aspects of Work From Home apply to this internship. You are expected to have a smartphone, a laptop, and internet access to both devices. If you are meeting all your weekly expectations on a regular basis, within your allocated 20 hours per week, you are free to work any other assignment, paid or not paid. I encourage my interns to take up such additional work as you get to apply what you learn in this internship in real life/business situations. I highly recommend to keep me informed on such additional assignments. More on this later, when we get to that bridge.
  • When you complete the GutsGo Pro Bono Internship duration successfully, you will get an official experience letter that will help you get your next assignment or next job. This experience certificate is given to everyone who completes the duration successfully.  If you are exceptionally good at your work and as a consultant, you get a letter of appreciation. This is given only to a few and if you are exceptionally good, that is. While you are internship is on, you will get curated books, articles, and courses that will help become a better digital marketing professional. These articles, books, and courses have helped me become what I have become today.
  • Post the completion of the internship, You will get access to me for the next 12 months to help you establish yourself in your chosen field. You will be invited to work in some of my consulting works (pro bono or paid), which you can opt to work in. You will be invited to mentor a few new GutsGo interns, who could help you work on your own consulting assignments, that will help you do more with less and keep your 'axe (intellect) sharp'. You will be invited to online and in-person events, which are invite-only and paid events,  that I organize for a small tribe of GutsGo-ers. More on this when we get to it.

I am committed to your learning in this internship.

Brace up for a good ride with me, Captain!

Rgds / RatanKK"

Guidelines for your internship

The guidelines for you to take up this internship are:

  • You should deliver the HIGHEST quality of output, in the given time frame, for every given task.
  • You should stick to the agreed timelines.
  • You should be available to get on calls with the GutsGo team, at regular times and as per the demands of the task assigned to you.
  • You should be able to dedicate 20 hours every week.
  • You can work from home or the local coffee shop... and you'll have flexible hours. We prize flexibility and we're very project-based.
  • In a week, You will have a min of 2 calls, each a min of 30 Min duration, with GutsGo to carry out your delegated tasks.
  • You could get access to digital marketing tools and platforms. So please do not change any credentials of any of the tools.
  • This is a high paced internship. So please do as much as instructed. Yes, you can explore beyond the instructions, as long as it does not HINDER yours or other participants' progress.
  • GutsGo Internship comes with No remuneration, what so ever. All expenses of doing this program will be borne by you. None of these will be paid by GutsGo unless you get the approval in writing.
  • You will be paid a remuneration only if you are working with one of GutsGo's Clients. Every intern who has shown promise in the first month of the internship normally starts working on one of our clients.

Is that clear enough for you to apply for GutsGo's Internship?

What Is In It For Me (WIIIFM)?

Let's see your side of the bargain, 'What is in it for you?' in this internship:

  • You would be working with other practicing digital marketers who are GutsGo Team members or GutsGo Business Associates. 
  • You get access to Online tools to implement your online marketing campaigns.
  • You ​could develop Landing Page Strategies for Paid Search and Email Marketing.
  • You ​could work on Google Ads driving paid traffic to landing pages that you have created.
  • You ​could ​  get to use and to access eMail Software like Juvlon, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, et al.
  • You ​could ​get access to Google Analytics to sharpen your data-driven thinking and business analyst mindset.
  • You ​could get to develop On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization on one or two websites. We are talking about Search Engine Optimization at works here.
  • You could get to attend other GutsGo Programs and Workshops.
  • You could be a member of GutsGo's Digital Marketing Advisory Council, which helps to do thought-leading work in the Indian eMarketing space.
  • You could get a JOB in Digital Marketing with one of GutsGo Business Associates.

Is that exciting enough?

Pre-requisites for the Internship

 Now let's see what are the pre-requisites of a prospective Intern.

General Pre-requisites:

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You're self-organizing and self-starting.
  • You love challenges.
  • You work and play well with others. 
  • You enjoy a collaborative environment and thrive on constructive criticism.
  • You’re a team player who’s willing to go out of your way for others. 
  • You don't need to be told to go the extra mile - you’re already there.
  • You love to learn, implement, and share.
  • You are motivated, and an extraordinary team player. You need to ready to step into a small team where you'll need to wear multiple hats.

Knowledge & Competency Pre-requisites:

  • You are familiar with MS Office, and Internet-based Applications.
  • You have good typing skills.
  • You have Fundamental Knowledge of how an Online Marketing Agency works.
  • You have Fundamental knowledge of how an online publishing portal works.
  • You take pride in turning raw briefs into a piece of creative online marketing campaigns. You are the marketing pro that everyone wants to work with.
  • You have a knack for leveraging every piece of information and any resource that is available to you to design winning ideas into implementable campaigns.

You would be a SURE Fit if you are:

  • someone with hyper-impeccable English communication skills (both verbal and written),
  • hungry for quality, and having that slow, sure, and patient attention to detail,
  • more focused on skill-sharpening and excited about learning on daily basis,
  • unforgiving of mediocrity, with an intention to help RAISE the bar for better performance,
  • has  the drive to PROVE / ACCOMPLISH an identified purpose in life,
  • has the clarity of material ambitions in the near future and in life, in general.

Remember, GutsGo's 6-month pro bono internship gets yours on your digital marketing quest.

Let's be on that quest!

Applying for GutsGo's Internship

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Please pay attention to the first email, as you have to confirm to receive all the subsequent emails. If you miss clicking on that LINK in the first email, you will NOT get these emails. and therefore, you would lose out on the internship.

Once you click the confirmation link in the FIRST email, you will get emails with certain tasks. Please understand those tasks and complete them as advised.
It is necessary that you have to complete these tasks as your task completion will be used for shortlisting and selecting you for the internship.

To improve your chances of getting selected for this internship, we request you to respond to the questions comprehensively and completely.

All the best!

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