Build Your Online Business (BYOB) Course

Do you want to build a business to change your life?

Have you desired to build an online business?

Are you keen to make that a profitable online business?

Do you want that business to endure year after year?

If you have answered, yes to even once to the above questions, Build Your Online Business (BYOB) course is for you.

If you can align your time, intellect, sweat and tears (TIST) to that desire, GutsGo can help you build that business through its BYOB course.

Building an online business demands requires competencies. By the way, building an online business will change your life.

Working on these competencies should be our quest.

Build Your Digital Marketing Competencies. Be on that quest.

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BYOB program, a 3-month-long program, is all about building online properties such as 

  • a website,
  • a Google Analytics Account, 
  • A search console account, 
  • a MailChimp Account, to name a few.

You will build all these and much more for a specific business idea that you want to pursue as an online business.

We will use Solo Build It! (SBI!) platform to build your website and integrate it with all of the above accounts. 

To help you be at it, we will have weekly coaching calls. These coaching calls are one-on-one online interaction to guide you, to coerce you, and to cajole you into action. These one-on-one online interactions are weekly, mostly in the evenings of either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

SoloBuildIt! (SBI) Platform

As part of BYOB, you will get an annual license for building a website with Solo Build It! (SBI!).

You will access SBI! (what is it? will cover in a little bit!) and build a website for your business.

That is why BYOB's full name is "Build Your Online Business - Solo Build It!" (BYOB - SBI!). BYOB in short!

You would work on building the website at your own pace, but as per agreed understanding between you and me.

If you do all the actions as per the design of BYOB, during its 3 Month duration, you would be owning a business online by the end of this program.

I am sure you are a game for BYOB! 

OK. Let me preempt your questions.

What is Solo Build It!?

What is Solo Build It? See this video (Duration ~ 2 Min)

Solo Build It!: Everything A Solopreneur Needs To Build An Online Business.

Video Tour of SBI!

We recommend you to get see the video series on the link below:

In this series of videos of 30 minutes, you will have a solid understanding of what SBI! is, does and can do for you.

This video tour gives you the insights of how you can leverage it to build your online business. Go ahead and see that 30 min video.

We will wait for you to complete watching it!

How does SBI! build a business?

Please see the content on the link below -

Read everything that is there in it. Click on every link that is provided and dig deeper!

The page explains some of the case studies, and its process to build a business online successfully.

SBI!'s Process, the Tools, the Guidance & Support

Far more than just building a web site, Solo Build It! is your own online business consultant 24/7.

Find out more at

Oh! Yes! Read everything that is there in each of the above clicks. 

Click on every link that is provided and dig deeper!

As part of the BYOB program fee, you are getting the annual license of Solo Build It! (SBI!) costing USD 299 and my weekly supervision for the next 3 months.

Once the first year gets completed, you would need to pay USD 299, or whatever is the annual license of SBI at the time of renewal, to continue to have the license of SBI! to build your business online.

Why does Prof. RatanKK recommend SBI!?

Let the Prof. give you the proof. :-)

Our website (this website) is built on SBI! Platform.

And we have been building GusGo's business, since 2009, through this website. In our services, where ever it is applicable, we recommend SBI! for building websites.

Do you want more proof? Proof about Building a Profitable Business

Please see the link below -

Read everything that is there in it. Click on every link that is provided and dig deeper!

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls helps to INITIATE the participants to start applying what they learned and seek counsel if they are stuck or need guidance.

It is highly recommended to commence the coaching calls immediately from the first week of the BYOB Program. These calls are the best way to ensure that each participant develops the digital marketing competencies needed to build an online business.  These coaching calls entitle the participants to have a weekly online interaction of ONE hour.

The broad objectives of these coaching calls are:

  • to answer participant’s questions& help them hustle with the executions of the action guide as proposed by SBI!
  • to be a sounding board for their digital marketing strategies,
  • to share best practices and techniques to fine-tune the digital strategy and campaigns for better yields,
  • to be a devil’s advocate on their key strategic moves for their Online Business ideas, and
  • to objectively review the entire digital marketing strategy with respect to the expected short term gains and long term results of the online business idea.

The recommended duration of these coaching calls is 3 months. Every week these mandatory coaching calls helps you to build the business block by block. These 3 months will give ample time to each participant to work the entire digital marketing strategy for his/her online business idea. 

Once the 3 months' weekly supervision is complete, you can continue to build your online business, by yourself. Or you can extend the weekly coaching calls for another 6 months if you want.

BYOB Course Fee & Registration Procedure

BYOB Program Fee is INR 60,000 + GST 18% (Rs. 10,800) = INR 70,800.

BYOB program Registration Procedure is as follows:

Step-1: Please pay up the Program Fee either through NEFT/RTGS of at any of your nearest ICICI bank, as detailed below.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Bank Address: Indiranagar, Bangalore 500038
Beneficiary Account Number: 016901010189
Beneficiary Name: Ratan Kanth K
Account Type: Savings
IFSC Code: ICIC0000169

Step-2: Please complete GutsGo Program Registration Form in all respects at

Step-3: A confirmation Email of your BYOB Program Registration will be sent to your registered Email within 48-72 Hours of the Step-2 completion.

Step-4: BYOB program starts with that confirmation email. So do send the payment confirmation at the earliest.

Want to jump in Building Your Online Business 

If you are ready & willing to get started with the BYOB program, you can start today. BYOB is a self-paced program, you can start your BYOB program, when ever you are ready. 

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