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This is Prof RatanKK.

Welcome to GutsGo eMarketing.
At GutsGo, it is our emotional belief is that our success is more meaningful if it includes YOUR Success. You could be an individual or a business. Our endeavors are completely geared to help you become a success. 

Launch your online marketing career with GOMP!
GOMP is one of our commitments to help you do better!

Join our 44th Batch of GOMP.
The roller coaster ride is starting on Oct 22, 2017.
Sunday Batch from 10:00 AM IST to 01:00 PM IST.

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Eager to help you manifest your online marketing career, Captain!

To manifest that GutsGo-ing emotional belief,
we have set ourselves on an Online Marketing Quest.
Our quest is to initiate you into your OWN online marketing quest.
Our quest is to help you do BETTER online marketing. 
Our quest is to help you become an Online Marketing NINJA.
Our quest is to build your online marketing competence.
As I said earlier, you could be an individual or a business, we are at it!

For that quest, we will help you at SIX sequential LEVELS.
These SIX sequential levels are:

  1. Level 01- Understand Online Marketing Tactics, Tools, Best Practices et al.
  2. Level 02 - Generate Marketing IDEAS to implement online for Business ROI.
  3. Level 03 - Create Online Marketing Action Plan (OMAP) to be implemented. 
  4. Level 04 - IMPLEMENT the OMAP (Initiate, Iterate & Integrate)
  5. Level 05 - Track, Analyze & Optimize (TAO) the OMAP for Business ROI.
  6. Level 06 - Get the OMAP into an Auto Pilot mode, to deliver Business ROI.

In that pursuit, as the Online Marketing Experts,
we have trained thousands of marketing professionals through this approach.
Our training has helped them to establish Digital Marketing Ninjas.
We have helped scores of marquee clients to implement the entire SIX levels.

We would like to help you too, on your online marketing quest.
We do have the following value offerings:

  1. Our GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP) helps you work from Level 01 to Level 03.
  2. Our 2-day / 3-day workshops empower you to operate up to 03.
  3. Our Advanced GOMP, helps you work all the six levels.
  4. Our Consulting services helps you to develop the entire digital marketing strategy for your business and implement up to all the SIX levels. (If you are a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) with an annual revenue of Rs. 20 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Crores, we are keen to provide our services to you.
  5. Our recruitment services (eTalent Search Services) gets trained resources who can get your business through the SIX levels.

Having been in digital since 2004, and having trained more than 4000+ marketing professionals, I recommend:

  • If you are a business or a corporate or an SME, you should start with digital marketing workshops for your team and then seek our consultancy services.
  • If you are an individual, I would recommend you to start with GOMP, and work on the online marketing quest to become a NINJA.

I am sure, you would have questions and would need clarifications.
If you have a question to ask me, please go ahead and fill the form below.
Note: If you are entrepreneurial (my kind, hurrah!) and want to become a Business Associate with GutsGo, I am keen to hear from you.

I am all ears to hear from you, Captain!

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best to OWN the best!

RatanKK | GutsGo eMarketing - Let's Do It Better!

PS: If you want to have a one on one call with me, please fill the above contact form below. Would love to get on an active conversation with you, Captain! 

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GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Karan Rana

About 10 Saturdays, 3 hour Online class each week, and a full-fledged insight into the Digital Marketing field !!

Be SEO, SMM, Display, Email, Social Media or Analytics, this course was a dive into all these aspects, and proved to be a one-stop shop for all the tools to be used

Most importantly, Professor RatanKK's opinions and guidance as to how to go about it in the real world and the connections we built proved to be beneficial.

GutsGo Alumni  Speak

Sheetal Joshi Bhatkhande

It was definitely a boon to be a part of GutsGo, I must say that was a 'Skyrocketing" and brilliant experience because of the nature and faculty of the course.
I am working in eCommerce industry since 4 years now and was expecting such kind of drastic and quick change in my knowledge up-gradation.
Thanks to RatanKK sir and batch members too whose participation was needless to say vital for the entire course.
I am really happy that I have learned in-depth other side of my upcoming interest and assure you that even I wasnt that good in my assignments still I have build a 100% confidence that I will make out better in future in my career in Digital Marketing.
The reason is overall indulgence in assignments and class interactive participation with exceptional teacher like you, everything truly beneficial that taught me to think practically for different case studies that I learned and adapted!!!
Also I liked the way assignments are evaluated and where best one are shared too! well, I am missing all those wonderful sessions.

Are you ready & willing for your online marketing career?

44th Batch of GOMP is starting on Oct 22, 2017.
Sunday Batch from 10:00 AM IST to 01:00 PM IST.

Please register for the program!
Advance welcome for this roller coaster ride!