Digital Transformation - What is it?

Digital Transformation is improving the efficiency of business.

If you have used WhatsApp for giving an approval for a marketing proposal,
you have been part of digital transformation of your business.

If you have used WhatsApp (again!) to approve a subordinates leave application,
you have been part of digital transformation of your organization.

Oh! Yeah! Business is different from the organization.
Business is any activity/ process that you do to generate revenue, 
or reduce/incur cost in customer acquisition, 
or service delivery.
Organization is all that comprises of your people, non-business process, and the culture that thrives with in.

Digital transformation is impacting both the business and the organization.

For business, we have been using digital channels viz., SEO, eMail, SMM et al

to drive your revenue,
minimize your cost and
maximize your profit.
That is digital transformation of our marketing communications.
And we thought we have arrived.
That is a good news!

But the bad news is, the digital transformation should extend
to your internal processes of your organization.
Digital transformation of your HR process is a must.
Your leave approvals. Your Appraisal process. Your Talent recognition process.
Same is the case with your
Booking a conference. Stationery needs. Logistics.
Same is the case with your finance department.
Reimbursement process. Purchase order Process. Procurement  Process.

Go ahead!
Initiate the digital transformation in your business.
Initiate them in your organization.

As one of my client's tag line, 'The Future is exciting!"
Are we ready for it?

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