Dawn of Digital Marketing Jobs 2018.

Dear Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

Since the time I wrote the previous mail about
how our LAZINESS persists, I had a good number of GutsGo Alumni
connect back with me.
I am so glad to have you paying attention to me!

From these attentive conversations, one of the topics that I gathered is - how do I get a digital marketing job? How do you launch your online marketing career?

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In 2007, if you can tell me the difference between CTR and CPC, 
I hired that person for managing an AdWords account with a 10 lac monthly budget. But not today. Not in 2018.

In 2018, for the same job, you need to know more about the AdWords Setting.
I want you to not only know the difference between the search network only campaign and the display network only campaign, but also to run live campaigns.
How do you reduce the CPCs?
Your strategies to have an improving quality score.
How good are you on your ad formats?
How many campaigns have you done? And for how long?
If you are not skilled for those, you don't get that job.

Way back then, if you can write a copy for about a BRICK and 20 creative ideas to use it, I hired you to be a copy writer on my email campaign.
Where you get access to the clients entire database.
Where you do email campaigns to that email database, on a regular basis.
But not today. Not in 2018.

Today, I want you to know how do you segment a given email list.
What is the difference in the approach for an email auto-responder campaign for a lead from Paid Search vis-a-vis a lead from paid FB campaign?
Do you use infusion soft or mailchimp or drip or MailConnect?
What are your image ideas? What are your copy ideas?
How do you build engagement through the various links that you provide?
If you are not skilled for those, you don't get that job.

10 years back, if you know how to open Photoshop and do little bit of text formats, you would be hired as a designer.
To design landing pages for PPC campaigns.
To design creative units for ad banners.
But not today. Not in 2018.

In 2018, the demands on the designer is so humongous, some times when you cater to those demands, you will be treated like 'god's gift to mankind'.
If you are not skilled for being that 'gods gift', you don't get that job.

So, that is what indicates the dawn of digital marketing Jobs 2018.
Are you equipped with the tools and the skills?
Do you feel the need to re-skill yourself?
Let me know, what you think by commenting below.
Looking forward to your comments!

As always, thanks for your attention,Captain!
Rgds / RatanKK

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