Why Do A Digital Marketing Course?

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Hello Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

Why do a digital marketing course?
As an online marketing trainer and consultant, this is a very apt question that I come across. Many aspiring digital marketing professionals ask this question.

I realized that if you have not asked that question, then you are NOT yet felt the INCOMPETENCY of your online marketing skills.

If you have not asked 'Why I should do a digital marketing course?', then you are not yet ready and willing to go through the effort and the pain of learning online marketing.

Having trained thousands of professionals, answering that question objectively is very critical for success of your online marketing career. 

Hint: Are you ready and willing to go through the pain and the effort for a course? You could opt for GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP), if you must!

Build Your Digital Marketing Competencies. Be on that quest.

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So, let's get to the crux of why you should do a digital marketing course.
Let's get your purpose statement in white and black!

There are many reasons each one of us feel the compulsion to do an online marketing course.

Some of the generic reasons could be:

  • I want to get a digital marketing job.
  • I want to apply digital marketing tactics in my current marketing assignment.
  • I want to start an on online business, as a part time effort.
  • I want to start a blog and market it and eventual make it profitable.

And so on and so forth.

The reasons that you have to do a digital marketing course would be as unique as your career aspirations.
As unique as your definition of SUCCESS in life.
As unique as your believes and values.

Your reason could be very generic, and some times, very specific.
Are you asking this question often?
Are you answering it on a regular basis? Are they specific?
If so, you are becoming aware of your INCOMPETENCY in digital marketing.
If not, that INCOMPETENCY is not yet a felt need.

Is that  feeling of INCOMPETENCY is strong enough? Let's say NO.
Have you already registered for a digital marketing course? Let's say YES.
Then you are doing a mistake. A BIG mistake!

You will will not be committed to the demands of the course.
You will find excuses not do the course the way it is designed.
You will have other issues getting priority then doing the course.
Some of my students had been in that situation. I spoke about them before.
And they eventually could not take advantage of the course.
I don't want you to be in that situation, Captain!

That is the reasons every GutsGo Online Marketing Program (GOMP) participant writes their PURPOSE statement.  There are no exceptions.
(Hint: Your PURPOSE some times can get you a bonus or surprise in GOMP.)

So, ask yourself 'Why do you want to do a digital marketing course?'
Sit down.
Write 5 to 10 statements on the purpose of doing an online marketing course.
Only when you have this WHY statement, you should consider you are ready do a digital marketing course.
If not, you are not ready and willing to go through the effort and the pain of doing a digital marketing course. (I know I am repeating this statement. And I am reiterating again!)

This WHY (PURPOSE) statement should have have answers to the following questions:

Employability of the digital marketing course (The career prospects!)

  • How many of the alumni are gainfully employed in digital marketing?
  • How will this course help me achieve my career aspirations in digital marketing?
  • Is this digital marketing course offered for more than 5 years?
  • Can you directly have access to the Alumni to check the employability after doing this course?

What of digital marketing course? (The content)

  • Does it cover SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Media, eMail Marketing, Programmatic?
  • Does it have Pre-reads for every module?
  • Does it have post-module assignments?
  • Does it help me get a hands on understanding of the tools and platforms?
  • Will I get a industry recognized certificate at the end of the program?
  • Is this an intense course that will challenge my intellect and my potential?
  • Is this digital marketing course taught at any of the premier management institutes?

How of digital marketing course? (The methodology)

  • Is it an online real time interactive session?
  • Is the trainer available for post session clarification exclusively for students like you?
  • Is the training location agnostic?
  • Will I have demo of all the online tools and platforms?
  • Are all the modules of the course are taken by one trainer or multiple trainers?
  • Is the trainer experienced enough to train you?

When of digital marketing course? (Today or next month)

  • When is the next batch of the digital marketing course?
  • Is it 15 weeks long course with one session per week?
  • How long is the duration of the course?

Where of digital marketing course? (GutsGo or some where  else)

  • Who is the trainer in that company that will train you?
  • What are the reviews and recommendation of the Alumni?
  • Are there any negative reviews of the program?
  • Do you get a chance to connect with one or two alumni to speak about the online marketing course?

and all the other nitty gritty of a digital marketing course that you could do.

Once you have this PURPOSE statement, you will

  • be committed to the demands of the course.
  • find reasons to do the course the way it is designed.
  • have giving priority then doing the course.

Registering the PURPOSE in white and black is one of the best ways to increase the chances of successfully manifesting that PURPOSE.  

Get that PURPOSE.
Get that fantastic start for you online marketing quest.
I would be rooting for your success, Captain!

I am keen to know your PURPOSE statement of doing a digital marketing course.
(Hint: Your comment below can get you a bonus or surprise, when you register for GOMP. So, let your comment give you an advantage in doing a digital marketing course.)

Comment below to lets us know!
Comment below on what you THINK/FEEL about this topic.

Eager to see your comments, Captain!
As always, thanks for your attention!

Rgds / RatanKK

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