How to save money and time through your online marketing campaigns?
Are you taking advantage of it?

Hello Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

What is the benefit your Goods and Service promise for the customer persona?
Does it save Money?
Does it save Time?

Answer that first, before you move to the next question!
The next question is -

What is the experience your online marketing contribute to your customer persona?
Does it save Money?
Does it save Time?

Have you aligned that benefit of your Goods and Service with the customer journey for your customer persona?
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We are talking about the benefits of your Goods & Services.
We are talking about your identified customer persona.
We are talking about the customer journey for her/him?

The kind of Goods and service is entirely depended on your idea and your business.
I am not qualified to tread in your area of expertise.
So, I will not tread on that.

What I will tread on this post is the customer persona.
On how is the customer journey for your online marketing funnel.
On how is the Deep Rabbit Hole Of Customer Engagement (Dr. Hoce) implemented in your online campaigns.

By the way, Dr. Hoce (Online Marketing Funnel) has four stages:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Engagement
  • Marketing Leads and
  • Business ROI.

The experience that you can give in at each stage of Dr. Hoce depends on the situation of the online visitor.

There are three kinds of situations an online prospect will have.
One, a situation where he spends time online to save money.
The other, a situation where she spends money online to save time.
Three, a combination of the above two situations.
Which customer persona's situation are you targeting in your online marketing?Have you aligned your Dr. Hoce to that situation?

Let's see some examples.
Take a campaign on Google AdWords.
A paid ad in Search Results has to help someone save time.
We search so that we find what we want at a click of a mouse, isn't it?

In Google AdWords, let's say you are promoting a discount offer on your ad and landing page.
It is a situation where you are helping someone to save time, first.
Then, you are helping them to save some money.
Get that sequence.
You are first saving time, then pitching to save money.

So cut the chaff and get to the Point, fast!
In all your AdWords Campaigns. Use 'Call to Actions' (CTA) to get them do it.

Let's say you see a POP-UP on a web page on someone else's site.
These pop-ups are either to subscribe to their newsletter or some additional funnel that they want to create.

Have they ensured that the POP-UP does not 'pop up' immediately after you came to the page?
It is INTERRUPTING you, isn't it?
It is interrupting the process of saving time.
And it is INTERRUPTING the process of saving money.

So, if you are using pop-ups in your web pages, get that distraction (that said POP UP) out of the engagement.
Do that now, will ya?

OK! you are compelled to have a POP-UP. I like that spirit!
Don't do that on PRODUCT pages when the visitor lands.
Don't have a pop-up on the CART pages and transaction-oriented pages, either.  

Have the pop-up pop (:-)) only after qualifying the visitor by the certain actions done by them on that page/site.

Get compelled to put the POP UP on generic pages which are INFORMATIONAL type of pages.
And only after the visitor has been on your site for more than 3 minutes and has browsed more than 3 pages.
Give them time to consume your content. Let them soak in. Let it pre-sell you.
Remember, that POP UP is an attempt to capture that micro-engagement with you. Be at it!

If your content sucks, GOD help you.
Remember, you are the GOD for that content. 
So, help yourself and better it! 

Yes, you can include a chat on your website.
But include it only if a human is available, ready and willing to chat with the visitor.
No point putting an automated chat.
The visitor wants to CHAT with someone who can help her save time and save time.
If not, don't have that chat feature at all.
I know, it is easy to implement technically, but tad difficult to keep that HUMAN TOUCH. Avoid what does not enhance the Dr. Hoce!

If you are showing paid adverts on Facebook, your advert is neither saving time nor money.
Your customer persona is on Facebook to eavesdrop on their so called FRIENDS on Facebook.
They have time and they not only need but also want entertainment.
That is the need of his situation.
So, your advt should align to that.

If you are trying to save time (showing URGENCY in your call to action) or save money (giving a discount offer), she might not give you that CLICK.
Try doing that in an entertaining way. And stay that course.
Even at the slightest hunch that you are trying to sell or solicit her, she will abandon you and your Dr. Hoce.
If that happens, ironically, you have wasted your money and your time.

So, let's ask the same questions that I have started the post with.

What is the benefit your Goods and Service promise for the customer persona?
Does it save Money?
Does it save Time?

The next question is -

What is the experience your online marketing contribute to your customer persona?
Does it save Money?
Does it save Time?

To ensure that we are on the same page, let me talk about one more example. Email campaigns.

For an email campaign to save time, A/B test the best time to send the email.
You want time slots for better open rates.
After having done five campaigns for the same list, see what time gave you the best open rates. That will be a good start.

Send an email campaign to save money, after a qualified engagement.
An engagement like they filled the form after clicking on an ad that is promoting a discount or an offer.
Remember to qualify the visitor by his engagement with your online campaigns.
By the way, sending an email to a non-opted-in list needs special expertise.

Never send an email campaign with a discount to non-opt-ed list. You are wasting her time and YOUR time.
And you, your Money and time too.
Isn't it?

Alright, are we on the same page on this saving time and saving money for our online marketing?

Do you feel saving time and saving money situations gives us the advantage? Will you put that effort to take advantage of it?

Comment below to lets us know how you want to put that effort.
Comment below on what you THINK/FEEL about this topic.

Eager to see your comments, Captain!
As always, thanks for your attention!

Rgds / RatanKK

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