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Prof. RatanKK in conducting a workshop on Digital Marketing. Yes, he is the man with that BANDANNA.Prof. RatanKK, GutsGo in a Class. Look for that "Bandana Man'.

Prof. RatanKK here.

Whatever led you to my profile today was no accident.
I hope your journey will be inspiring / successful from here on.
(Wish the same for me too! :-))

I am an engineer & a manager by education, an entrepreneur by choice, an academician by intellect, a coach by accidental eventuality, and a happy-go-lucky guy as per my way of life. 
(That was a copywriter writing about me!! And you will loose your breath by reading it at one go!)

Let me make another attempt at introducing myself.


This is Prof. RatanKK from GutsGo eMarketing.
Please do spend some time to go through the links and the content therein, so that you get to USE me more effectively.

I am an experienced eMarketing Professional and an entrepreneur. 

I have  more than 2 decades of industry experience in verticals such as IT, ITES and Online Marketing.

I am also an experienced Academician / Professor, since 2009, in the capacity of a an adjunct professor / a visiting professor at few marquee management institutions like IIM, Ahmedabad;  IIM, Udaipur; IIM, Lucknow; Great Lakes, Chennai; ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad and MICA, Ahmedabad.

Want to know more about me?
Let me share some more information with you.

As a Professional:
I am a practicing Digital Marketer, since 2003.
I am in a pursuit to learn & deploy Digital Marketing better.
Please see my LINKEDIN profile here to know more about my work.
Yes, would be thankful if you could connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

As an Entrepreneur:
Please see what a journalist says about me being an entrepreneur

Please see a brief profile of GutsGo eMarketing, my company.

As a Digital Marketing Trainer & Practitioner:
Please see what one of my students reflects on what I teach in Digital Marketing.

Please see what some of my students say about my training program in digital marketing at

Please see what my thoughts on Online Marketing as articles in DNA Newspaper.
(By the way, these are dated 2008, and what I said is still relevant today!)

With this modest exposure, experience, and wisdom, I am sure there is something synergistic that we can find between us!
Synergizing with you could be an apt utilization of my faculties, intellect, and passion.
In fact, it will be an opportunity to further my growth as an entrepreneur and as a professional though any HUMBLE contributions that I can make to your current endeavors.

I encourage you to USE me, and what I do for your own better life, Captain!
Eager to explore & manifest bigger, better and happy things with you! :-)
Let's be at it!

GutsGo eMarketing - Let's Do It Better!

PS: If you have come this far reading about me, I am positive you might want to write to me. You can do that at

Let's connect on LinkedIn and stay in touch, Captain!

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