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Before Introducing myself, Let me tell you-

15 Interesting and Shocking Facts about Digital Marketing

1) Most desirable talents for applicants to have are Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Source : Smart Insights

2) 81% of Marketing Professionals believe that Digital Marketing technologies will cause their role to change within the next 3 years but only 14% know How to "re-invent" themselves

Source : FierceCMO

3) 78% of CMO's think content is the future of Marketing Source

Source : Steamfeed

4) Among " Prestige" Consumer brands, over the past four years, less than 0.25% of new customers were acquired through Facebook and less than .01% from Twitter. This compares to almost 10% or Paid search and 7% for Email Marketing

Source : Experience - The Blog

5) Just 18% of consumers trust post by brands or companies on social sites like Facebook and Twitter

Source : MediaPost

6) Yet 93% of shopper's buying decisions are influenced by Social Media because 90% trust peer recommendations.

But only 14% trust Advertisements

Source : Socialnomics 2014

7) While 78% of companies now have a dedicated Social Media team, only 26% integrate Social Media fully into their Business Strategies

Source : DashBurst

8) 85% of your business could be lost because of Poor Customer Service

Source : Bluewolf

9) 78% of people have not completed a purchase because of poor service

Source : Bluewolf

10) Half of all clicks on Mobile Banner Ads are on accident

Source : Steamfees

11) 28% of Emails are opened on iPhones

Source : Litmus

12) Top 3 uses of Email are Newsletters (66%), promotional Content (54%), and  Welcome Email Series (42%)

Source : Salesforce Pardot

13) Top 3 effective Emails on the other hand are Mobile opt-ins (76%), Birthday Emails (75%) and Transactional Emails (74%)

Source : Salesforce Pardot

14) 59% of Marketers plan to increase their Email Marketing Budgets in 2015

Source : Salesforce Pardot

15) 93% of B2B Marketers find Linkedin the most effective social network for B2B lead generation, and 77% say they have acquired a customer through Linkedin

Source: Business2Community


"That's the fun of going to a College Re-Union: It's seeing the people who you were close to all those years ago, and re-exploring the relationships of the past"

-Jon Hurwitz

Having had a chance to  dabble in an entrepreneurial start up just after graduation from IIM A in 1996, I had learnt my lesson, the hard way.


I am RatanKK . I am an Entrepreneur.

Your Online Marketing quest has led you to our Home Base ( Do you know what this means..?)

Welcome to GutsGo eMarketing!!!

So on Feb 11, 2009, when I was laid off from my last company in Mumbai, India . . . .

I just kept walking for 2 and half hours, from santacruz to Bandra to Mahim to Wadala and asking lots of questions...

what is the road ahead, where to Go?

Do I have guts to go where I want to go, can I put unquestioned and relentless 5 years to go with My guts?

That's when GutsGo was born in my mind.

" It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything "

GUTSGO – (GUTS) Genuine Urge To Succeed (GO ) Goals & Orientation

It's easier to reflect back and think about the decision in hindsight and feel happy about it...

But from my perspective...

It was bloody tough to decide How to move ahead...

Especially when I had no clue  what is AHEAD!

But my own desire to be independent, commitment to that 5 years of going with guts and relentless support from my WIFE (who is my IDOL) made me firm up my idea of being an entrepreneur. And with lots of daily trepidation, I have been at it!

Few things that I am involved in - :     


  • Leads GutsGo's Marketing and Operations
  • Director and Lead Trainer for GutsGo Online Marketing Program (#GOMP)
  • Lead Recruiter for GutsGo's eTalent Recruitment Services
  • Senior Mentor for remote GutsGo Hands On Program eMarketing (#rGHOPE)
  • Director for GutsGo's eTalent Acquisition & Recruitment ( GEAR ) Program
  • Director for GutsGo's Internship Program (#GIP)
  • Primary Tutor for professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Certificate in Digital Marketing through NIIT, DMI & IAMAI
  • Visiting Professor at Institute Of Product Leadership
  • Program Director &  Lead Trainer, Advanced Program in Digital Marketing 9 APDM), NIIT & IAMAI
  • Visiting Professor of eMarketing Elective @ IIM, Ahmedabad 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Visiting Professor of eMarketing Elective @ IIM Udaipur 2013
  • Senior Mentor with Power of Ideas 2010, 2012
  • Jury member of India's Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Awards 2012
  • Lear Trainer in India for eConsultancy, UK 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Senior Mentor, Mentor Edge, Conter for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship 9 CIIE), @IIM Ahmedabad since 2009
  • Visiting Professor @Great Lakes, Chennai 2010, 2011
  • Member of the Advisory Committee for the 6th International Research Conference of Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research, 2011

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Q- How GOMP (GutsGo Online Marketing Program) was born?

Economic Meltdown in 2008 pushed the company to cut the costs.

I was a Cost.....

So, I was fired

In order to survive I did front line Jobs for CLIENTS,

such as developing content for a website, putting

the SEO strategy and working with the organization

to set up the needed online marketing process.

Money was meager, but that was enough Oxygen to survive and sustain.

I persisted until I could sustain....

While I was doing the front line work to survive, I

had developed a process to DO Online Marketing for

Paid Search, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, Email,

Display, Mobile and Integrated Online Marketing

That process became the assignments that people do in GOMP

Then, I have put all the relevant knowledge in to a

presentation that people need to successfully do

that assignment.

The presentation plus the Assignment is packed as

GOMP and IAMAI has been pretty supportive in

making it a certified course or any one who wanted

to learn Online Marketing in India


Q-What made you think you want to teach people?

While I was doing many things to survive...

I was asked to train the Marketing Team of Hungama for a days workshop.

Lucky me, the participants learned everything that I taught, and I was paid Rs 75,000 for that one day workshop.

And that was the beginning of being a Trainer

Prodding along the Journey of being a Trainer and mentor for Entrepreneurs, I have pu a Destination to this Journey -

My Life Purpose

What is it?

In my life time, I would have inspired 1000 peopleto take Entrepreneurial action and help them create a personal net worth of Rs 3 Crores each

So that I would have let a Lineage of Entrepreneurs who will continue to inspire others and future generations on this pursuit

Now that is a scary life purpose for an accidental mentor....

But I am very certain that I will accomplish this and more before I die.

I am certain about manifesting this and more, because you walk with me!

As an Associate of IAMAI, I help people and Business in understanding Online Marketing and help them in their Online Marketing quest....

Having trained 3000+ Professionals into Online Marketing as of March 2015, including participants at few IIM's, and with a decade plus practical experience in eMarketing, I am sure there is something PROFOUND that I will bring to the table for your Online Marketing Quest

I conduct regular Online Marketing Training Program so that you can use that knowledge and apply in your Jobs to better you career

I consult with you kind of Business to develop and to implement Online Marketing Strategies....

My 2 Day / 3 Day workshops help you and your team to understand the integrated nature of Online Marketing.

My Endeavor is to fast track your Online Marketing quest and to accomplish your business objectives / ROI....

In fact, working with you will be an excellent opportunity for me to further my growth as on eMarketer....

Any Humble contributions that I can make to you and your Online Marketing Quest, you would have enabled me to do the best of what little I can do....

I you are as excited as I am to explore the synergies between us, I am keen to hear from you....

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Launch your online marketing quest with GOMP!
GOMP helps you launch your eMarketing Career!
More than 4000+ marketing professionals have taken GOMP.

Eager to help you manifest your online marketing career, Captain!
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