PPC Course's Live Projects Details

During the PPC course, a participant will implement three live projects. These three projects are the most important part of the GutsGo's PPC Course and it is through these projects, that you would be building your capabilities in Pay Per Click Marketing

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First two project are completed along with the classroom sessions. As said before these projects will be used to apply and to experiment with all the learning that has been acquired during the classroom sessions and that of the self paced study.

The details of the course are as follows:

  • Project One - (Week 1 to Week 3)
    • A Simple Brief is chosen for implementing a PPC Campaign
    • A PPC Campaign strategy is Prepared.
    • The PPC Campaign is implemented in Google AdWords.
    • It is monitored and optimized.
    • A budget of min Rs. 500 to max Rs. 1500 is allocated.
  • Project Two (Week 1 to Week 4)
    • An on going PPC Campaign is chosen.
    • The PPC Campaign is shadowed for understanding the campaign's PPC Strategy.
    • The brief for that PPC Campaign is written
    • Execution aspects of the brief - Good and Not So Good about the PPC Campaign.
    • The campaign strategy and structure is replicated on the search engines
    • Suggestions for improving the PPC Campaign are presented.
  • Project Three (Week1 to Week 8)
    • This is a LIVE PPC Campaign
    • Talking to the client to get the specifics for the SEM Campaign.
    • Creating the brief.
    • Planning for execution of SEM Campaign for the SEM Campaign Brief.
      • Search Marketing Plan
      • Communication Plan
      • Tracking and Reporting Plan
    • Executing the plan.
    • Review the Implementation of the PPC Campaign.
    • Presentation to the client.
    • A budget of min Rs. 2000 to Max. 10000 is allocated.

If you are interested to register for our GutGo's PPC Course, please click on Interested in PPC

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