Landing Page Optimization: Key to Drive Your Online Marketing Objectives.

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Hello Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

Landing page optimization is one of the daily activities of a digital marketer.
You are optimizing to get increase your time on site of a visitor.
You are tweaking the landing page to have more engagement.
You are decreasing your bounce rate on your landing page.

In this article, I would like to emphasize how every page on your website can 

  • increase the time on site,
  • increase the dwell time, and
  • yes, increase the conversion rate.

Landing page optimization is a continuous pursuit for every digital marketer.
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Alrite, landing pages are the central part of our online marketing campaigns.

Every page on your site that gets visitors is a landing page.
You are engaging every visitor on a landing page.
You could be driving traffic through either 

  • AdWords, or 
  • Facebook Campaign or 
  • eMail Campaign or 
  • Programmatic campaign. 

The landing page is an intermediate step in the already engaged visitor.
You get this right, your campaign will be a winner.
You know when you have not got it right, if you feel otherwise.
That is the time to review you landing pages.
Either way, continue to optimize your landing page.

Are you ready to get to it?
Let's start where it starts i.e., with the visitor.

The visitor saw your advertisement.
SOMETHING on that advertisement was compelling.
She wanted to check that SOMETHING out and so, she clicked.
And she wants that "SOMETHING" in the page where she lands.
Get her that SOMETHING on your landing page, you would have optimized your LANDing page. 

So, if she clicked on an advertisement that says, '50% off', she would like to see it on the landing page.

If the advertisement said, 'cheap hotels in Goa', that is exactly what she wants to explore on the landing page.

If the advertisement said, 'frozen shoulder remedy', you better talk about frozen shoulder remedy.

Let her get that SOMETHING in the first 3 seconds of LANDing on the page.
If she gets it, your Landing page is a winner (so you would be!).
If she does not, there is no way you can build on an engagement with her.
It will be a lost opportunity, for you and for the visitor.
Sad, isn't it?

Our digital marketing campaigns will be happy, if you optimize your landing pages.
Landing page optimization is so critical for the online visitor engagement, isn't it?

Once you engage them, you will be able talk about other improtatnt things like, 

  • making them read more about your product, or company or services. (Branding Objective)
  • Goad them to click on to another page on the site. (Relationship obejctive)
  • make them subscribe to your newsletter. (Trasaction Objective & relatioship building objective)
  • oh, yes! make them to fill that enquiry form to become a lead. (transaction Objective & lead generation objective)
  • Buy from your web page (Trasaction Objective)
  • Make them like the page  through their social identity. Make them share the page on their preferred social media platform. (Community building objective & Social Sharing).

Every page on your website has to have an objective.
An objective to engage better.

You are driving a branding objective on the landing page.
You page should create experience to support your promise.
Tell the stories that they would want to hear about your business.
Talk about your happy customers and their feedback.
Show them how you are helping others to better themselves.

Or you are driving a relationship objective on the lading page.
Provide information to stimulate to know more.
Get them to check out your blog and the comments on it.
Make them to click on pages that has relevant information.
Tell them about your newsletter and get them to subscribe it.
Get them to register for an upcoming webinar.
Let them download a white paper.
Make them interact with a subject matter expert.
The more you engage, the stronger is the relationship.

Or you are want leads from you landing page.
You are selling products not available to buy right now.
Ensure you have your web form placed at the correct position in the page.
The call to action to fill the form is relevant to that SOMETHING.
You are encouraging them to enquire about your products.

Remember that SOMETHING which the reason why she came to the page in the first place.

Or you want to create a BUZZ on social media.
Measure the thresholds for time on site, pages per session to know if your page is appealing to the visitor.
A threshold like been on site for more than 30 secs, or checked out more than 3 pages in this session.
Then, ask them share it on their preferred social media.
Let them tell others that they have engaged with your landing page.
The buzz on social media will increase your brand's awareness.

Or you want more sales of your product, the transaction objective.
The business return on investment (ROI).
The revenue from the product sale for eCommerce business.
We want more of it, isn't it?

Or you can have a community objective on your landing page.
Get the visitor to engage with the other visitors.
The interaction can be on the website itself or on a social platform.
A Facebook page, or a Twitter handle or a Google's business page.
Let them rate the content.
Get them to reply to other's comment.
Let them interact amongst themselves.
This would be a GOLD mine of earned media for you.
Remember we can get this earned media when the community engages.
You can not get to it, until you are effective in your relationship objective.

So, there you have it!
All the things that you can drive on a landing page.

Remember, the enumerated list of objectives is not exhaustive.
I recommend that every landing page should drive one or two such objectives.
Yes! You can blend these objectives.
Depending on the kind of traffic that you getting to the landing page. and the overall marketing objective that you want to manifest.

A successful landing page optimization will result in 

  • increase of Average session duration,
  • decrease in bounce rate
  • increase in pages per session
  • number of sessions per user.

(By the way, these metrics can be found your websites Google Analytics Account.)

For me, landing page optimization is like getting my "cooking" right!
(I heard some one said, "Digital Marketing is like COOKING".  Do you agree?)
Experiment on your landing page with combination of the objectives.
Track for that objective. Analyze. and then Optimize (TAO of online marketing campaigns).
Keep cooking. Keep the Landing Page Optimized.
That is when your online campaigns together find Divine miracles count.

Landing page optimization a continuous pursuit for every ACTIVE digital marketer.
(If you have not optimized a landing page in the last 3 months, then you are not an active digital marketer, Captain!)
Be on that pursuit, Captain!

I am keen to know:

  • What have been your landing page pursuits?
  • What are the challenges you faced?
  • What are the insights and learning that you want to share?

Comment below to lets us know!
Comment below on what you THINK/FEEL about this topic.
Eager to see your comments, Captain!

As always, thanks for your attention!

Rgds / RatanKK

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