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GutsGo's E-Zine, Issue I/June 2015 - Be A Better Online Marketing Bond
November 24, 2017

Pursuit of Happyness:
Connecting with Online Marketers

Prof. RatanKK here.

Hope you remember me?
(And HOPE is always a bad strategy!)

You subscribed to my email newsletter at few moons back. Hope you remember me now!
(again, HOPE is a very very bad strategy!)

Either way, how are you?
How are your Customer Persona & Deep Rabbit Hole Of Customer Engagement (Dr. Hoce) coming along?
(If you are wondering what the heck are those, I can understand!)
By the way, those are the topics that I touched upon in eMails for you.

I decided to write to you as it has been a while.
I was seeing Will Smith's Movie - Pursuit of Happyness.
During the movie and after the movie, I felt I have not been in touch with you for a very long time.
My pursuit of happyness is connecting with fellow online Marketers like you.
I also felt I missed the happyness of celebrating your happyness.
So this email.
(There is another reason why I wanted to write to you. More on that later!)

In fact, I am writing to you with a purpose.
Will share that purpose in my next email.

Until then, I remain.
Rgds / RatanKK

PS: If you are in a mood to tell me something, especially about the Pursuit of Happyness, I am all ears. Write back!

PPS: If you want to know to Mr. Chris Gardener (who?), follow him on twitter at CEO of Happyness

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