Digital Marketing Internship:
Your Statement Of Purpose (SoP)

For every digital marketing internship, we need to apply with a resume. But do you include a statement of purpose with your resume to get that dream job? If you don't, we highly recommend an SoP for every job that you apply to.

At GutsGo, we push all our digital marketing interns to give us a Statement of Purpose (SoP) when they apply. 

As a digital marketing professional, we all have ideas. These ideas have to be presented in a way it grabs the attention of a selection committee or a hiring manager. Or the decision-makers or the influences or the internal evaluators with in the company. The presentation of these ideas should FORCE them to accept your ideas. The most wanted response for that presentation is to impress each individual and to engage you in a meaningful commercial activity.

We need to be on the quest to have the most in demand digital marketing competencies.

Purpose for your Statement Of Purpose (SoP)

Let's look at an instance of you applying for a digital marketing internship at GutsGo. 

In such an instance, you are the IDEA that needs to impress a set of individuals at GutsGo. These individuals are decision makers, hiring managers, influencers for your case. That is where your Statement of Purpose (SOP) comes in. An effective SOP is the starting point for that process of having more people to accept you and to engage you.

The purpose of an SOP is to connect all your capabilities and competencies that you have developed to be YOU (the idea). The SOP should express why you are the greatest fit for what they are expecting from an employee like you. At GutsGo, we believe that a person who is driven is more effective than a superior educated person. (By the way, the fundamentals covered here on SoP can be applied for any job that you might be applying elsewhere.)

Structure of your SoP for Digital Marketing Internship

The SOP in the first two lines indicates the details of what you are seeking. Such as name the job, location, department, etc. Give any references on how you came to know about it in the first place.

Why of You

The SOP should establish the reasons for your interest to work with the company. Remember, the decision makers will earnestly accept you if they know the WHYs of you.  These 'WHY of you' will help the selector to believe that you are serious and will give the best of 'What of you' and 'HOW of you' once you start working for them.

What of You & How of You

Then let your "What of you' and 'How of you' will prove that you are capable of performing the expected tasks at a very high level. Reiterate the skills that you have mentioned in your resume. Use the SOP to highlight your major accomplishments and skills.

Your Background, Capabilities and Suitability

Now the SOP should cover your background, capabilities, and suitableness for the job such as

  • who you are? What got you here? What are your current endeavors?
  • What are your achievements? what are your credentials?
  • What is your specialized knowledge to succeed in the job? What excites you the most with this specialized knowledge?
  • What do you want to accomplish through this opportunity, if it converts?

Everyone that will apply to, would want you 

  • to be creative in tackling open-ended problems, 
  • have good oral and written communications, and 
  • have the persistence to endure the challenges and to work diligently for progress. 

The SOP is a great opportunity to portray all these and more.

More Opportunities From Your Statement of Purpose

It is also an unspoken truth that your interpersonal skills will make or break your success. So, talk about all the activities where you played leadership roles. 

The SOP should also talk about your excitement to be associated with the prospective company. Share the details in an attempt to tell them you have been learning more about its business and its industry.

Ensure that your SOP is well written and is worth reading. Use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App to write your SOP. Review your SOP draft with your friends, mentors, and professors. Make it as professional as you can make it.

Keep it Short and Crisp. Not more than one page or two. 

Wrap up the SOP restating your excitement in the internship/job.

Your statement of purpose is UNIQUE to a JOB or an internship you are applying for. It is not a generic document that can be sent to every JOB or digital marketing internship that you are applying for. If you are doing this, it is better not to have the SoP in the first place. An SoP is like a unique KEY to convert your job applications into a JOB interview.

GutsGo Hacks For Digital Marketing Internship

Once your statement of purpose is neatly done in a page or two, now you can use it for your advantage such as:

  • Include a precis (a summary) of your SOP in your resume. This will make your resume more effective.
  • Include the entire SoP in your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Develop a professional headline that can go well with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Create a 160 character of your SoP to be a template to share on WhatsApp with recruitment agencies or head hunters.

Once you have joined the JOB, fine tune your SoP.

  • This can be a fantastic piece of content to share to introduce yourself to others, especially the seniors and super bosses. They will LOVE you for this.
  • Use the fine tuned SoP to create your next 60 day and 90 day plan in your JOB to show your competencies and capabilities. 

Let's use these GutsGo hacks for your dream job. Use them for your digital marketing internship with us.

Let's Learn Digital Marketing Together!

There you have it: Statement of Purpose for Digital Marketing Internship.

Now we are keen to know how you are create your SoP.

Did you learn a new insight in creating a SoP for getting that dream job?

Or may be you got a new insights/thoughts about this topic.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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