Digital Marketing Competencies:
Do you have them?

A client can be a B2C business or a B2B business or both. Each business has its unique selling proposition and positioning to the target market/customer. The business strategy and all marketing campaigns need to be customer-centric. The customer journey in each of chosen digital channels should drive customer engagement and eventual online sales.

For ensuring eCommerce sales, the marketing strategy should appeal to the business needs of the of both B2B and B2C Clients. The DM campaigns should also appeal to the emotions of the employees of the customer organizations to have favorable decisions. A marketing manager equipped with DM competencies can influence both situations. 

A strong foundation on the core concepts of digital marketing is necessary in developing these competencies.

Build Your Digital Marketing Competencies. Be on that quest.

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GutsGo’s Six Competency Levels for Digital Marketing

The marketing team and every brand manager should have the competency to put a structured marketing plan. That marketing plan will answers questions like, and not limited to:

  • What is the overarching digital marketing strategy for the business? How can the digital marketing strategy of a brand dovetail with it?
  • How do we make digital marketing efforts efficient and effective in the short and long term?
  • What are the responsibilities of a digital marketing team? What are the responsibilities of brand mangers? 
  • What are the outbound marketing strategies and inbound marketing strategies?
  • Which channels give the best yield for eCommerce sales?

As a competent digital marketer, one would have detailed answers to these questions.  All marketing managers and the brand managers are on an ongoing pursuit to be competent DM professionals. At GutsGo, we impart six DM competency levels to such managers. Those six levels are:

  1. Level 01 - Understand Online Marketing channels both for inbound marketing and as well as outbound marketing. Some of the prominent channels are as SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Web Analytics, eMail marketing, Mobile Apps, programmatic et al. Be proficient with the necessary tools and techniques for that channel. Be abreast of the best practices and the emerging opportunities within that channel.
  2. Level 02 - Ability to translate business objectives into SMART-ed marketing objectives. Then translate those marketing objectives into digital marketing campaigns. Develop integrated online marketing campaigns aligned to the objectives. Detail the campaign with the necessary procedures, checklists, KPIs & ROI, best practices, and tools and techniques.
  3. Level 03 - Develop a detailed Implementation Plan for each of the identified online marketing campaigns, in a way that the short-term results and long-term impact align with the business objectives and marketing objectives.
  4. Level 04 - Execute the developed implementation Plan. Track & analyse the campaign data. Meet the targets of KPIs and ROI. The hits & misses in the customer journey. The challenges & the opportunities to improve campaign performance.
  5. Level 05 - Do Level 04 again. Along with it, optimize the Implementation for bettering the ROI & improving the yields as measured with the agreed KPIs.
  6. Level 06 - Complete execution of several online marketing campaigns for an online marketing channel, and become the resource person for tools, techniques, best practices and effective methods for DM Campaigns. Build people capabilities and process capabilities within the team/organization.

GutsGo desires to build these digital marketing competencies to all the participants of our training programs. GutsGo further guarantees the expected outcomes articulated by the clients for such training intervention. As a Training Partner, this is GutsGo’s fiduciary (involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary) duty to each of our clients.

GutsGo’s Promise To Develop Your Digital Marketing Competencies

We customized digital marketing (DM) training for our clients. When ever, the client articulates the expected outcomes and will incorporate this into our training design and delivery.

It is GutsGo’s promise to enhance our client's digital marketing skills

  • by helping them have a superior understanding of digital marketing tactics/channels
  • by ensuring they internalize a structured method for conceptualizing digital strategy/campaigns, 
  • by equipping them to implement an integrated digital marketing strategy for their brands.

We also promise that the participants of our training can apply the learning to the their business from the start of the training. It is GutsGo's endeavour to deliver this training and beyond, as a training partner than a training vendor. As a partner, GutsGo will strive to deliver the training

  • to maximize the client's short term gains and 
  • to impact its long term business performance.

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