Audience Behavior Based Online Marketing: Take Advantage Of It In Your Digital Campaigns.

Hello Captain,
Prof. RatanKK here.

Are you using Audience behavior based online marketing?
You are not sure what is it? or 
You know what is it, but have never used in your digital marketing efforts.

Well, knowing is one. Using it for your advantage is another.
I request you to use it as it helps you better your online marketing quest.

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Few blue moons back, I spoke at a conference.
It was a PAID speaking engagement! :-)

During the network-ing lunch, which was after my speaking gig, I was sitting with a bunch of smart people.
The energy, the oomph and the intellect of them is WOW!
Yet, while talking to them, I could discern who is genuine or not..
Body language. Yes, the non-verbal communication of the individual.

For example, there was this advertising person.
He told me content of my speech was interesting. 
But started to fiddle with the phone few minutes into the conversation.

Then there was this SEO manager. 
She wanted to know how to improve conversions through her On-page effort.
She excused herself abruptly, claiming she is getting an important call.
Abandoning the discussion that she has started. 

Then there was the Vice President sitting with us on the same table. 
She did not even care to join the conversation. She was busy!
I let her be as her body language said so.

And then there was this product manager. 
He was all ears and eyes for me for the entire duration of the lunch.

How blessed I am to get his audience!
WOW! What a conversation that was!
He had all my attention, intellect and emotions.
Body Language. Yes, the non-verbal communication of the product manager.

There is an advantage with in-person interactions.
As there are bouts of Body Language cues and the non-verbal communication.

There is an advantage with digital marketing communication too.
We know where the audience is coming from and which are the referral sites.
We know what they are doing on our landing pages.
We know which content is converting for digital marketing objectives.
Everything gets tracked. We measure everything.
(By the way, tracking and measuring are two separate things. Do you know the difference?)

So, the question to you is - do you do Audience Based Online Marketing?
You can optimize your digital campaigns by measuring the audience behavior.
Some also call this as 'Digital Body Language based marketing'. 
Few choose to call this as 'Digital behavior based online marketing'.

Any ways, let us see some example of this Behavior Based Online Marketing.

In a B2C campaign, we had few duplicate leads.
The client was unhappy with these duplicate leads.
So, we dug deep. When we called these duplicate leads, they told us they filled the form twice. Why? Since they did not hear from us.
So, going forward, I always ask my clients to give double attention to all the duplicate leads.
Also, insist on a 4 hour turn around time for a tele-call post the time stamp of the lead generation.
Some insight, isn't it?

In a B2B Lead campaign, we are driving registrations for a webinar on e-procurement. 
The client was treating all these registrations as if they were leads for their e-procurement solution. 
Which should not the case, isn't it?

The poor guy registered for the webinar, to know more about e-procurement. 
And not to BUY an e-procurement solution.
Now she gets hammered to buy an e-procurement solution. 
So, every time she gets hammered, the brand gets eroded and she could declare all their emails as SPAM. More so, have a negative sentiment towards this. Double negative whammy, isn't it?

Want to avoid it, Captain? 
Have different customer journeys. 
A separate one for the person who registered for webinar and not attended.
And another one for the person who has registered and attended the webinar.

In another B2B Engagement Campaign, they were participating in an industry exhibition.
For all the walk ins into their stall, they sent an SMS, an eMail and a WhatsApp message to download a product brochure. 
The event of downloading the brochure was a major mile stone in the design of the customer engagement. 
So, we had one customer journey to one who is yet to down load the brochure. Another customer journey for another who had downloaded the brochure.
And we stuck with the preference of the communication channel.
Meaning, the one who used the SMS message to download (oh! Yeah! We use UTM Parameters to track this!), we continued the conversation on the same channel. Overall, pretty smart, isn't it?
Do you see the the Digital Body Language at play in that campaign!?

We use Google AdWords and/or Facebook Campaigns for our re-marketing. 
Re-marketing campaigns are 'behavior based online marketing'. 
Yet, it is unfortunate that many of us, Digital Marketers, don't even care to change the ad communication, the second time around.
We don't worry about the frequency cap or the scheduling of the ad impression. 

For Programmatic Campaigns, every campaigns should be Audience based online marketing campaign. 
Yet, 85% programmatic campaigns have STATIC Banner ads.
Want to better it, Captain?
Use the dynamic aspects of programmatic.
Consider what the DMP (Data Management Platform) is saying.
Look at what are the options available from the DSP or SSP!
(DSP is Demand Side Platform applicable for advertisers. Its equivalent is SSP, Supply Side Platform, for Publishers.)

The advantages that we can take in our campaigns are galore.
I am not sure when we, digital marketers, will learn and do these campaigns better! It is my genuine concern!

Oh! My Gosh! I have ranted about 930 Words.
And I still can go on. Anyways, you get the drift?

Do you feel the same about Audience behavior based online marketing?
Let me know, what you think by commenting below.
Looking forward to your comments!

As always, thanks for your attention, Captain!
Rgds / RatanKK

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